The RegexPolicyDaemon rxpd is a simple generic daemon which can be used to check data against different lists of regular expressions. This can be used to build white/blacklists to protect many kinds of internet service (wiki, mail, cgi, …). It can be used build distributed (peer to peer) networks of syncronized lists.


Read the Documentation.

Anonymous git

I created a mob repository on my server where anyone can push patches.

Little How``To:

git clone git://git.pipapo.org/mob/rxpd my_rxpd
cd my_rxpd

git commit ...

git push git://git.pipapo.org/mob/rxpd master:refs/heads/newbranchname
Caution Do not trust the code in this repository, anyone could add potentially dangerous code, review every foreign commit before run anything!

I’d suggest to use gpg signed tags when you reviewd some state and trust it (man gpg-tag). Such tags then sign the state and all its history.


Rxpd is distributed under the "Gnu General Public License". For details read the COPYING file which comes with the distribution.


Here is a list of projects using rxpd:

Freshmeat Project page: http://freshmeat.net/projects/rxpd

Git url: git://git.pipapo.org/rxpd

The gitweb interface lets you download development tarball: http://www.pipapo.org/gitweb?p=rxpd;a=snapshot