2006-12-21 Christian Thaeteradded benchmark chth@gmx.net--2004,yaplib--devel--0.2 signature
2004-07-06 Christian Thaeterupdate
2004-05-06 Christian Thaetermore bugs and todo, thanks ski
2004-03-30 Christian Thaeterminor cosmetic change
2004-03-30 Christian Thaeter0.2pre1
2004-03-30 Christian Thaeterinv-add
2004-03-30 Christian Thaetergeneral release/install stuff
2004-03-30 Christian Thaeterolists are dead, long live queue_io
2004-03-30 Christian Thaetertypes going on
2004-03-26 Christian Thaeterpick typename
2004-03-26 Christian Thaetertypesystem genesis
2004-03-26 Christian Thaeterlicense change
2004-03-23 Christian Thaetercosmetics
2004-03-23 Christian Thaeterusing write_term
2004-03-23 Christian Thaeterwe have a changelog now, Yay!
2004-03-21 Christian ThaeterLicense update -> Artistic license
2004-03-21 Christian Thaeterlist_conjuct fix
2004-03-21 Christian Thaeterdocs
2004-03-21 Christian Thaeterfunctions buglist and test update
2004-03-20 Christian Thaeterarchive maintainance
2004-03-20 Christian Thaeterdelete the old commit.hook
2004-03-20 Christian Thaetercopy Goals to prevent side-effects
2004-03-20 Christian ThaeterFix explicit declaration clashed with implicit
2004-03-20 Christian Thaetertag of chth@gmx.net--cehteh/yaplib--devel--0.1--patch-54 master chth@gmx.net--2004,yaplib--devel--0.2--base-0