2012-02-28 Christian Thaeterasciidoc upgraded, undo the bandaids master
2012-02-23 Christian Thaeterhardcode logopath and phrase because of old asciidoc...
2012-02-23 Christian ThaeterWIP: get it working
2012-02-23 Christian Thaeteradd gitignore
2012-02-23 Christian Thaeterexternalize scripts and styles
2012-02-23 Christian Thaeteradd default page.conf
2012-02-23 Christian Thaeterrun menugen only when present
2012-02-23 Christian Thaeternew build_website.sh from lumiera
2012-02-23 Simon LarcherLogo path set according to remote location
2012-02-23 Simon LarcherAdded "website under construction"
2012-02-23 Simon LarcherFavicon.ico will be selected automatically, not referen...
2012-02-23 Simon LarcherModified CSS colors of headers and toctitle
2012-02-23 Simon LarcherAdded Favicon and "Important" icon from asciidoc
2012-02-23 Simon Larcheradded index.conf overriding header section, added image...
2012-02-23 Simon LarcherAdded new Asciidoc attributes for logo and motto.
2011-02-28 Christian Thaeterdash has no 'source' must use bash
2011-02-28 Christian Thaeterfixes
2011-02-28 Christian Thaeteradd xhtml11.conf
2011-02-28 Christian Thaeterinitial setup