2007-12-29 Christian Thaeterquery handler cleanup ignore/me/test/branch
2007-12-29 Christian Thaeterinclude timestats in error_log for now
2007-12-29 Christian Thaeteruse [web] as configfile section
2007-12-29 Christian Thaeterimplicit 'action=object' when 'object=' is given and...
2007-12-28 Christian Thaeterproper repoinfo ctor/dtor, parsing gitconfig, moved...
2007-12-28 Christian Thaeterwe need to link with libssl for libgit
2007-12-28 Christian Thaetergit's error handling can be hooked, unfortunally only...
2007-12-26 Christian Thaeteradded a global 'error_log' for debugging
2007-12-24 Christian ThaeterSimple mainpage generation, skeletons for further work
2007-12-24 Christian Thaeterremove cwa subproject, install libcwa instead
2007-12-17 Christian Thaeterconfig file loading
2007-12-17 Christian Thaeteradd startup time to the query struct
2007-12-17 Christian Thaeterbuild and link with libgit.a, crude hack for now
2007-12-16 Christian ThaeterWIP: mainpage list of repositories
2007-12-16 Christian Thaeteradding repos
2007-12-16 Christian Thaeterformatting cosmetics
2007-12-16 Christian Thaeterctgit_query destructor
2007-12-16 Christian Thaeterput cgi request inside ctgit_query
2007-12-16 Christian Thaeteradd brief help strings to query/config/action declarations
2007-12-16 Christian ThaeterHere we go, first code
2007-12-16 Christian Thaetersubmodules setup