Switch to edit worktree after staging an edit
[webgit] / src / worktree.c
2008-03-20 Christian ThaeterSwitch to edit worktree after staging an edit master
2008-03-19 Christian ThaeterFixed staging
2008-02-21 Christian Thaeteradd a re-edit link for files in worktree diverted from...
2008-02-21 Christian ThaeterAllow editing only when worktree is not diverted from...
2008-02-20 Christian Thaeterhandling/updateng worktrees when files are staged
2008-02-13 Christian Thaeterfast forward unchanged worktrees
2008-02-13 Christian ThaeterMerge branch 'goibhniu' of git://git.pipapo.org/mob...
2008-02-13 Christian ThaeterWIP: generation of 'virtual' worktrees