change first parameter for object display functions
[webgit] / src / object.c
2008-01-17 Christian Thaeterchange first parameter for object display functions
2008-01-16 Christian Thaeterimplement 'raw' links from tree
2008-01-16 Christian Thaetercorrect ...message_parse() and ...header_parse() to...
2008-01-15 Christian Thaetercleanup and cosmetics
2008-01-15 Christian Thaetersilence a lot of compiler warnings with some stubs
2008-01-15 Christian Thaeteradd parsers to get information out of gits commit objects
2008-01-08 Christian Thaeterinline images as raw action
2008-01-08 Christian Thaeteradd a 'path' query parameter to maintain path and filen...
2008-01-08 Christian Thaeterwebgit_tree_action() dereferences an treeish to the...
2008-01-07 Christian Thaeteradd an email_link() function
2008-01-03 Christian ThaeterBig rename! ctgit is dead, long live webgit
2008-01-03 Christian Thaeterfirst crude blob display
2008-01-03 Christian Thaetersubmodule repo links in tree view
2008-01-03 Christian Thaeterfirst tree display
2008-01-02 Christian Thaeterrefactor ctgit_object_link to be more flexible
2008-01-02 Christian Thaeterfirst object ui for commits
2007-12-29 Christian Thaeterimplicit 'action=object' when 'object=' is given and...
2007-12-24 Christian ThaeterSimple mainpage generation, skeletons for further work