mixed work for more menu stuff
[webgit] / src / actions.h
2008-01-24 Christian Thaetermixed work for more menu stuff
2008-01-24 Christian ThaeterChange License to GNU Affero General Public License
2008-01-22 Christian Thaeteradd emacs variables to all source files
2008-01-20 Cillian de RoisteMerge commit 'muq/master'; commit 'origin/master'
2008-01-20 Cillian de RoisteMerge branch 'master' of git://git.pipapo.org/webgit
2008-01-20 Christian Thaetergit config file viewing and editing
2008-01-16 Christian ThaeterFunctions for displayin and handling branches
2008-01-08 Christian Thaeterwebgit_tree_action() dereferences an treeish to the...
2008-01-03 Christian ThaeterBig rename! ctgit is dead, long live webgit
2007-12-16 Christian Thaeteradd brief help strings to query/config/action declarations
2007-12-16 Christian ThaeterHere we go, first code