new actions for edits
[webgit] / src / actions.c
2008-02-20 Christian Thaeternew actions for edits
2008-02-20 Christian ThaeterFactored the 'dwim' code out
2008-02-13 Christian ThaeterMerge branch 'goibhniu' of git://
2008-02-13 Christian ThaeterWIP: generation of 'virtual' worktrees
2008-02-12 Christian Thaeterremove 'deref_to_tree', not needed anymore
2008-02-10 Cillian de RoisteFixed sorttable, needed to add thead and tbody tags
2008-02-10 Christian Thaeter'edit' ui, no functionality tough
2008-02-08 Christian Thaeterfix: path needs an empty string for displaying trees
2008-02-08 Christian ThaeterFix: webgit_log_table needs head parameter (previously...
2008-02-08 Christian ThaeterMerge branch 'goibhniu' of git://
2008-02-08 Christian ThaeterNew webgit_object_link implementation, obsoletes webgit...
2008-02-07 Christian ThaeterRefactored the object deduction code into object.c
2008-02-07 Christian ThaeterDWIM based on passed query parameters
2008-02-07 Christian ThaeterRenamed age.c/h to date.c/h
2008-02-03 Cillian de RoisteAdding new skin directory and changing the default...
2008-01-30 Christian Thaetersome cleanups and cosmetic for the account system
2008-01-29 Christian ThaeterMerge branch 'goibhniu' of git://
2008-01-29 Christian ThaeterWIP: account cookie handling
2008-01-26 Cillian de RoisteMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-01-24 Christian Thaetermenu for log display
2008-01-24 Christian ThaeterAdd trivial menu entries to all menus
2008-01-24 Christian Thaetermixed work for more menu stuff
2008-01-24 Christian Thaeterlet summary headers link to to the respective subpages
2008-01-24 Christian ThaeterSummary menu
2008-01-24 Christian ThaeterWIP: main-menu sufficient for now
2008-01-24 Christian ThaeterSketch menu contents
2008-01-24 Christian Thaeteradd odd/even class for table coloring
2008-01-24 Christian ThaeterChange License to GNU Affero General Public License
2008-01-24 Christian ThaeterMerge branch 'goibhniu' of git://
2008-01-24 Cillian de Roistewas missing content for the summary
2008-01-24 Cillian de Roistewas missing content id for log.c
2008-01-24 Cillian de Roistesub-menu should have been an id .. adding content id...
2008-01-24 Cillian de Roistedoing excessive css to use both a 100% width table...
2008-01-24 Cillian de Roisteadding summary container id to move the summary table...
2008-01-24 Cillian de Roisteadded sub-menu class for the sidebar
2008-01-23 Christian Thaeteradd 'maxage' config/parameter to hide inactive reposito...
2008-01-23 Christian Thaetercheck config file access
2008-01-22 Christian Thaeteradd emacs variables to all source files
2008-01-22 Christian ThaeterPost merge fixes
2008-01-21 Cillian de Roisteadjusting and css
2008-01-21 Cillian de Roisteadding and (for skinning) to...
2008-01-21 Cillian de Roistemoving the header inside the main container
2008-01-21 Cillian de Roisteexperimenting with git summary table, to see if it...
2008-01-21 Cillian de Roistefixing after merge with pipapo
2008-01-20 Cillian de RoisteMerge commit 'muq/master'; commit 'origin/master'
2008-01-20 Cillian de RoisteMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-01-20 Cillianplaying around with libcwa and webgit .. added a tiny...
2008-01-20 Christian Thaetergit config file viewing and editing
2008-01-17 Christian Thaetertag displaying and handling
2008-01-17 Christian Thaeterchange first parameter for object display functions
2008-01-16 Christian Thaeterimplement 'raw' links from tree
2008-01-16 Christian Thaeterthe summary_action
2008-01-16 Christian ThaeterCleanup, types and compiler warnings
2008-01-16 Christian ThaeterFunctions for displayin and handling branches
2008-01-15 Christian Thaeterwebgit_enter_repository is now webgit_repo_enter and...
2008-01-15 Christian Thaetermoved log_menu|content_action to log.c|h
2008-01-15 Christian Thaetersilence a lot of compiler warnings with some stubs
2008-01-15 Christian Thaeterthe log_action
2008-01-15 Christian Thaeterfew more parameters for webgit_log_link
2008-01-15 Christian ThaeterDo a scan for 'last' information only when necessary
2008-01-08 Christian Thaeterimplement action=raw which sends just the data-blob
2008-01-08 Christian Thaeteradd a 'path' query parameter to maintain path and filen...
2008-01-08 Christian Thaeterwebgit_enter_directory() to pick and setup a git repository
2008-01-08 Christian Thaeterrenamed 'giturl' option to 'url'
2008-01-08 Christian Thaetercosmetics, divide source more visible
2008-01-08 Christian Thaeterwebgit_tree_action() dereferences an treeish to the...
2008-01-07 Christian Thaetersupport for last_committer and last_author when scannin...
2008-01-03 Christian ThaeterBig rename! ctgit is dead, long live webgit
2008-01-03 Christian Thaeterfirst crude blob display
2008-01-02 Christian Thaeterrefactor ctgit_object_link to be more flexible
2008-01-02 Christian Thaeterfirst object ui for commits
2008-01-02 Christian Thaetercleanup and cosmetics
2007-12-30 Christian Thaetercompleting the links for the repo listing page
2007-12-28 Christian Thaeterproper repoinfo ctor/dtor, parsing gitconfig, moved...
2007-12-24 Christian ThaeterSimple mainpage generation, skeletons for further work
2007-12-16 Christian ThaeterWIP: mainpage list of repositories
2007-12-16 Christian Thaeteradd brief help strings to query/config/action declarations
2007-12-16 Christian ThaeterHere we go, first code