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last changeThu, 28 Jan 2010 20:01:46 +0000 (21:01 +0100)
2010-01-28 Christian ThaeterUpdated the README a bit, still needs a lot work master
2009-12-12 Christian Thaetersubmodule update, merge/upload/asciidoc fixes
2009-12-12 Christian Thaeterupath.move only when files differ
2009-12-12 Christian Thaeterchange asciidoc opts metadata to use the css from the...
2009-12-09 Christian Thaetersumbodule update with some fixes
2009-12-09 Christian Thaeteruse preformatted text for the assert traceback
2009-12-09 Christian Thaeterintroduce a 'reset' permission for metaacls
2009-12-09 Christian ThaeterFix: account create uses default path
2009-12-09 Christian import lua_actions and metaacls
2009-12-09 Christian Thaetersubmodules update, metaacl_import stuff
2009-12-09 Christian Thaeterdefault acl's allowing Admin to do anything in actions...
2009-12-09 Christian Thaetermetaacl.sql cleanup for upcoming metaacl_import action
2009-12-09 Christian Thaeteroverride assert() to give a backtrace
2009-12-09 Christian Thaetermetaacl_new() for meta/metadb
2009-12-09 Christian Thaetersmall fixes, metaacl typos & stuff
2009-12-08 Christian Thaetermetaacl_clear removing all metaacls associated with...
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