2009-03-23 Mickey LyleAttempt at uWiki.txt master
2009-03-23 RaevolAttempt at metaacl.txt
2009-03-23 Christian Thaetersome doc changes for raevol ... devel
2009-03-23 Christian Thaeterinclude the old docs from the haserl uwiki prototype
2009-03-19 Christian Thaetermetadata needs to be renamed from _sys to _uwiki too
2009-03-19 Christian ThaeterAn attempt to create some preliminary uwiki devel docum...
2009-03-19 Christian Thaeterrename 'doc/_sys' to 'doc/_uwiki'
2009-03-14 Christian Thaeterremoved the sources dir
2009-03-14 Christian Thaeterset docroot to 'doc' and fix cgi-bin directory
2009-03-14 Christian Thaetermake the apache start script little more sane, cleaning...
2009-03-06 Serge GielkensSome typos
2009-03-06 Serge GielkensMoved uWiki configuration into meta-directory
2009-03-06 Serge GielkensAdapted libraries: _acl is a directory now
2009-03-05 Serge GielkensMeta lookup must be general and thus does not assume...
2009-03-04 Serge GielkensMoved config into meta-directory
2009-03-04 Serge GielkensMoved some directory naming and check from init.lua...
2009-03-04 Serge GielkensSome cleanup
2009-03-04 Serge GielkensSome corrections and optimalizations with regards to...
2009-03-04 Serge GielkensThe CGI-script can now find the dispatcher and authoriz...
2009-03-04 Serge GielkensMade the directories relative and added the name of...
2009-03-04 Serge GielkensPushed required Lua packages to top level, i.e. cgi...
2009-03-04 Serge GielkensMoved determination of CGILUA_CONF to cgi-script. That...
2009-03-03 Serge GielkensVarious changes to take care of new directory structure
2009-02-18 Serge GielkensRenamed temporary names _*.d -> _*
2009-02-18 Serge GielkensReformatted _acl and _roles to plain text format
2009-02-18 Serge GielkensCorrected wrong name of include directory
2009-02-08 Serge GielkensStart to refactor references to new directory structure.
2009-02-08 Serge GielkensCreate 1 directory include to store libraries and other...
2009-02-08 Serge GielkensMoved raw.lua from types -> actions
2009-02-08 Serge GielkensAdapted no_action.lua for new directory structure.
2009-02-08 Serge GielkensAdapted script for unauthorized access to new directory...
2009-02-08 Serge GielkensRenamed wiki -> doc and _uwiki -> _sys to prevent confu...
2009-02-05 Serge GielkensAdded possibility for logging to user_del/add_group
2009-02-05 Serge GielkensFinalized new _groups layout for action account.lua
2009-02-04 Serge GielkensStart to implement new _groups layout for action accoun...
2009-02-04 Serge GielkensMoved directory checks from uwiki.lua to init.lua.
2009-02-02 Serge GielkensAdded new _groups layout to uwiki.lua
2009-02-01 Serge GielkensAdded return to tex2tab
2009-01-29 Serge GielkensStart parser to convert flat text files into Lua tables
2009-01-29 Serge GielkensAnd disabled again versioning of _users
2009-01-29 Serge GielkensTemporary enable _users to be versioned to push local...
2009-01-29 Serge GielkensAll files that start with _groups or users should be...
2009-01-29 Serge GielkensRenamed meta/groups into meta/_groups
2009-01-29 Serge GielkensRemoved uwiki.lua from lib/
2008-12-17 Serge GielkensUsed CGILUA_CONF to set path to configuration directory...
2008-12-17 Serge GielkensAdapted etc/{config.lua,uwiki.conf} to new directory...
2008-12-16 Serge GielkensRemoved require "os" from cgi-bin/uwiki
2008-12-11 Serge GielkensMerge commit 'cehteh/master'
2008-12-01 Christian ThaeterSet LUA_PATH to include the ./lib dir
2008-12-01 Christian Thaeterreadd uwiki lua to ./lib/
2008-12-01 Christian Thaeterapply my proposed directory hierachy, this breaks anyth...
2008-12-01 Christian Thaeteruse the CGILUA_CONF as env var to pass config directory in
2008-11-30 Christian ThaeterAdd a start script and apache configfile to run apache...
2008-11-13 Serge GielkensCheck git commit
2008-11-13 Serge GielkensAdded dependencies to README
2008-11-13 Serge GielkensAdapted asciidoc.conf to new cgi module name
2008-11-13 Serge GielkensAdded types to repo
2008-11-13 Serge GielkensFOrgot to add renamed module uwiki
2008-11-13 Serge GielkensChanged name of cgi module to uwiki (without suffix)
2008-11-12 Serge GielkensChanged redirect to proper uWIKI page
2008-11-12 Serge GielkensChanged redirect to proper tailored uWIKI page
2008-11-12 Serge GielkensForgot to add uwiki.lua to repository
2008-11-12 Serge GielkensMade uWIKI more flexible. cgi-bin contains only launcher.
2008-11-09 Serge GielkensAdded possibility to view sources
2008-11-09 Serge GielkensAdded a rough way of showing git log entries
2008-11-09 Serge GielkensAdded preliminary asciidoc configuration. Reorganized...
2008-11-09 Serge Gielkensedit Y
2008-11-09 Serge Gielkensedit Y
2008-11-09 Serge Gielkensedit Y
2008-11-09 Serge Gielkensedit Y
2008-11-09 Serge GielkensAdded missing double quotes to comment value of git...
2008-11-09 Serge Gielkensedit Y
2008-11-09 Serge GielkensCleaned up repository for testing
2008-11-09 Serge GielkensSome minor code improvements
2008-11-09 Serge Gielkensblob
2008-11-09 Serge GielkensManual checking
2008-11-09 Serge GielkensDebugging
2008-11-09 Serge GielkensAdded file upload functionality to create
2008-11-09 Serge GielkensReduced edit area of create and edit to more comfortabl...
2008-11-06 Serge GielkensAdded README
2008-11-06 Serge GielkensAdded config files of /etc to repository and put cgi...
2008-11-06 Serge GielkensFirst working vresion of edit
2008-11-06 Serge Gielkenscheck
2008-11-06 Serge GielkensTEsting and debugging of edit
2008-11-06 Serge GielkensSome minor HTML enhancements
2008-11-05 Serge GielkensFIrst debugging of edit
2008-11-05 Serge GielkensFirst experiment with external CSS for asciidoc
2008-11-05 Serge GielkensDebugged group, user and ACL for login, logout, revoke
2008-11-04 Serge GielkensConverted pending and revoked users to regular groups
2008-11-03 Serge GielkensDebugged revoke account
2008-11-03 Serge GielkensAdapted account to new groups tables.
2008-11-02 Serge GielkensDebugged copy parent ACL to file directory
2008-11-02 Serge GielkensKeep selected ACL method active
2008-11-02 Serge GielkensDebugged copy ACL from parent
2008-11-02 Serge GielkensKeep selected radio button activated
2008-11-02 Serge GielkensCorrected assignment of types and actions tables tot...
2008-11-02 Serge GielkensRemoved superfluous of bailing out on revoked accounts
2008-11-02 Serge GielkensDebugging new acl processing
2008-11-02 Serge GielkensMade decent functionality to get the ACL, roles and...
2008-11-02 Serge GielkensRenamed acl_check to acl_allow for easier reading