descriptionPlouj's work on uwiki
last changeMon, 20 Apr 2009 01:45:10 +0000 (21:45 -0400)
2009-04-20 Michael Ploujnikovreplace the log_level explanation with one for the... improved-logging master my-custom-apache-config
2009-04-20 Michael Ploujnikovreplace remaining cgilua.errorlog() calls by uwiki_log_...
2009-04-20 Michael Ploujnikovcommit remove log_level related code
2009-04-20 Michael Ploujnikovrely on channel prefix in the log message to identify...
2009-04-20 Michael Ploujnikovimplement syslog-like priority and channel based logging
2009-04-13 Michael Ploujnikovignore the apache modules directory
2009-04-12 Michael Ploujnikovstart the web server in a more general way
2009-04-07 Christian Thaeterimplement multiple expansion funcs for utable parsers devel
2009-04-06 Christian Thaeterbrainfart, recursive parsing is so much easier
2009-04-06 Christian Thaetergitignore backup files and other cruft
2009-04-06 Christian Thaeterthe _sys meta was missing yet (forgot to commit)
2009-04-06 Christian Thaetermake utable_split_at_space not split after certain...
2009-04-06 Christian ThaeterNew ACL implementation underway
2009-04-06 Christian ThaeterRecursive expansion of groups and roles FIXME: cycles...
2009-04-05 Christian Thaeterthere is a simpler way to return a one element iterator
2009-04-05 Christian Thaetergroup and role expansions for metaacls
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