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last changeSat, 22 Aug 2009 09:12:15 +0000 (04:12 -0500)
2009-08-22 kiwifile used tabs instead of spaces master
2009-08-22 kiwifixed some two space indents and string.len to # conver... fixedindents
2009-08-18 kiwiapparently +x didn't get fixed the first time
2009-08-17 kiwiremoved some trailing spaces
2009-08-17 kiwithese too were affected by changing spaces...think...
2009-08-17 kiwitest.lua got permissions reset when fixing spaces
2009-08-17 kiwisomehow +x was removed from test.lua
2009-08-17 kiwichanged .lua files to use 4 spaces instead of 3 for...
2009-08-17 kiwiWIP: new utable.match seems to be working now
2009-08-17 kiwideleted outdated custom test finally
2009-08-16 kiwicommented rm -rf meta so I can do tests
2009-08-16 kiwiWIP: still working on new utable.match...
2009-08-16 kiwifixed some globals and modified to use match_new
2009-08-14 Christian ThaeterWIP: match test
2009-08-14 Christian ThaeterWIP: fall back to old matcher, then step by step integr...
2009-08-14 kiwifixed schema loading test
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10 years ago fixedindents
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