2009-08-22 kiwifile used tabs instead of spaces master
2009-08-22 kiwifixed some two space indents and string.len to # conver... fixedindents
2009-08-18 kiwiapparently +x didn't get fixed the first time
2009-08-17 kiwiremoved some trailing spaces
2009-08-17 kiwithese too were affected by changing spaces...think...
2009-08-17 kiwitest.lua got permissions reset when fixing spaces
2009-08-17 kiwisomehow +x was removed from test.lua
2009-08-17 kiwichanged .lua files to use 4 spaces instead of 3 for...
2009-08-17 kiwiWIP: new utable.match seems to be working now
2009-08-17 kiwideleted outdated custom test finally
2009-08-16 kiwicommented rm -rf meta so I can do tests
2009-08-16 kiwiWIP: still working on new utable.match...
2009-08-16 kiwifixed some globals and modified to use match_new
2009-08-14 Christian ThaeterWIP: match test
2009-08-14 Christian ThaeterWIP: fall back to old matcher, then step by step integr...
2009-08-14 kiwifixed schema loading test
2009-08-14 Christian ThaeterWIP: new matcher implementation
2009-08-14 kiwiWIP: started rewriting utable.match
2009-08-12 mridkashtabledebug: added html_utable for printing utables...
2009-08-12 mridkashMerge branch 'master' of git://git.pipapo.org/uwiki...
2009-08-12 kiwinew test 99cleanup.tests to remove meta folder for...
2009-08-12 kiwiupdated htmlTable to reflect change from pairs to utabl...
2009-08-12 kiwinew schema for upcoming utable.match
2009-08-12 kiwifixed tests for upcoming utable.match
2009-08-12 kiwimodifed meta/_schema/* files for new utable.match
2009-08-11 mridkashchanging global path var for meta from meta to metaroot...
2009-08-11 Christian ThaeterFIX: utable test, metaacl loading
2009-08-11 Christian ThaeterFIX: iterating over the schema in tabledebug hit some...
2009-08-11 kiwifixed some formatting errors in ttable
2009-08-11 kiwistarted fixing tests to reflect changes in ttable
2009-08-11 kiwichanged ttable to not rely on pairs and instead utable...
2009-08-11 kiwistore used schema when parsing tables in a new _SCHEMA...
2009-08-10 Christian Thaeterfixed schemas for new format
2009-08-10 mridkashusing splitfn again for line split
2009-08-10 Christian Thaeteradd nonfunctional split_at_quote example
2009-08-10 Christian Thaeterremove sep from schema
2009-08-10 Christian Thaeterreformatting, use spaces, not tabs
2009-08-10 mridkashtemporary test added, orig meta not changed yet
2009-08-10 mridkashadded user defined delim feature
2009-08-06 Christian ThaeterFIX: metapath handling, test
2009-08-06 mridkashfixed a typo with metaacl test
2009-08-06 mridkashupdated tests after refactoring
2009-08-06 mridkashrefactoring utable and meta, removed prefix utable_...
2009-08-06 Christian Thaetersimplify proto, add small some test
2009-08-06 Christian Thaeterrenamed 20*.tests to 30*.tests to make space for low...
2009-08-06 Christian Thaeterreplace some dofile() with require
2009-08-06 Christian Thaeterlet libproto export Object globally
2009-08-06 Christian Thaeterenough ulua testing for now
2009-08-05 mridkashrenamed libproto to proto
2009-08-05 mridkashadded ulua shebang
2009-08-05 mridkashchanged paths in code, got uwiki working again
2009-08-05 Christian Thaeterstart for a ulua testsuite
2009-08-05 Christian Thaetermake test.sh handle bash functions as tests
2009-08-05 Christian ThaeterWIP: add full utable parsing test, fails still
2009-08-05 Christian Thaeterfix paths in tests for new directory layout
2009-08-05 Christian ThaeterWIP: The big rename...
2009-08-05 Christian Thaeterremove tests/utable/{data,schema}
2009-08-05 Christian ThaeterFIX: utable must check if expansions are registered
2009-08-05 Christian Thaeteradd test for metaacl loading, will intentionally fail
2009-08-05 Christian Thaeterbegin of the utable testsuite, schema loading
2009-08-05 Christian ThaeterBasic test system setup, run './test.sh' inside the...
2009-08-04 Christian Thaeterupdated README's for main and ulua
2009-08-04 mridkashtests added
2009-07-22 mridkashMerge branch 'master' of git://git.pipapo.org/uwiki...
2009-07-22 Christian Thaeterparse target user and chroot path from the script
2009-07-21 mridkashlowercased action.lua and renamed libmeta to meta
2009-07-16 Christian Thaeteradd an optional chroot prefix to the config
2009-07-16 Christian Thaeterfix for empty config lines and tab chars
2009-07-16 Christian Thaeteracl check refactoring, cosmetics
2009-07-16 Christian Thaeterremove extra config check, it's pointless
2009-07-16 Christian Thaetervalidate script attempt against the config
2009-07-16 Christian Thaeteradd config file loader (not in effect yet)
2009-07-16 Christian Thaetersetuid/setgid is enough
2009-07-16 Christian Thaetermore extensive script validation ulua
2009-07-16 Christian Thaetermore pedantic check for the uid change
2009-07-16 Christian Thaeterfirst working version of ulua
2009-07-16 Christian Thaeterinitial setup for a 'ulua' suexecing and chrooting...
2009-07-15 mridkashread last commit message
2009-07-15 mridkashAdded import function to load prototypes which can...
2009-07-14 Christian ThaeterAdd schema support to utables devel
2009-07-14 Michael Ploujnikovstart the web server in a more general way
2009-07-14 Christian Thaeterimplement multiple expansion funcs for utable parsers
2009-07-14 Christian Thaeterbrainfart, recursive parsing is so much easier
2009-07-14 Christian Thaetergitignore backup files and other cruft
2009-07-14 Christian Thaeterthe _sys meta was missing yet (forgot to commit)
2009-07-14 Christian Thaetermake utable_split_at_space not split after certain...
2009-07-14 Christian ThaeterNew ACL implementation underway
2009-07-14 Christian ThaeterRecursive expansion of groups and roles FIXME: cycles...
2009-07-14 Christian Thaeterthere is a simpler way to return a one element iterator
2009-07-14 Christian Thaetergroup and role expansions for metaacls
2009-07-14 Christian Thaeterput 'path' into the daemon table instead passing it...
2009-07-14 Christian ThaeterAdd a 'elem' parameter to utable queries to return...
2009-07-14 Christian Thaetermake roles Uppercased too
2009-07-14 Christian Thaetersimplify utable again, only 'state' needed
2009-07-14 Christian Thaetergive utable_parse an extra state parameter
2009-07-14 Christian Thaeterrename groups to Uppercase names to differentiate them...
2009-07-14 Christian Thaeterpreliminary metadata library
2009-07-14 alcarinqueUpdated draft. Using Object prototipe
2009-07-14 Christian Thaetermoved libproto to the main lib dir
2009-07-14 Christian Thaeterrename the default object functions to __reserved names