2010-02-07 Andreas Hermann... Add note to the README that GIT >=1.6.5 is required... master
2010-01-28 Christian ThaeterUpdated the README a bit, still needs a lot work
2009-12-12 Christian Thaetersubmodule update, merge/upload/asciidoc fixes
2009-12-12 Christian Thaeterupath.move only when files differ
2009-12-12 Christian Thaeterchange asciidoc opts metadata to use the css from the...
2009-12-09 Christian Thaetersumbodule update with some fixes
2009-12-09 Christian Thaeteruse preformatted text for the assert traceback
2009-12-09 Christian Thaeterintroduce a 'reset' permission for metaacls
2009-12-09 Christian ThaeterFix: account create uses default path
2009-12-09 Christian Thaeterbootstap.sh import lua_actions and metaacls
2009-12-09 Christian Thaetersubmodules update, metaacl_import stuff
2009-12-09 Christian Thaeterdefault acl's allowing Admin to do anything in actions...
2009-12-09 Christian Thaetermetaacl.sql cleanup for upcoming metaacl_import action
2009-12-09 Christian Thaeteroverride assert() to give a backtrace
2009-12-09 Christian Thaetermetaacl_new() for meta/metadb
2009-12-09 Christian Thaetersmall fixes, metaacl typos & stuff
2009-12-08 Christian Thaetermetaacl_clear removing all metaacls associated with...
2009-12-08 Christian Thaeterstore syspath_id in metaacls and evaluate it in metaacl...
2009-12-08 Christian Thaeterreturn and store the metapath for 'sys' when setting...
2009-12-06 Christian Thaeteradd a lot unique constraints to the database schema
2009-12-03 Christian Thaeterrefactor metaacl checks from metadb to meta
2009-12-03 Christian Thaetersubmodule update, upload edited content
2009-12-02 Christian Thaeterensuredir and move for upath
2009-12-02 Christian Thaeteradd a 'perm' filter in janitor
2009-11-27 Christian Thaetersubmodule update, editing WIP
2009-11-27 Christian Thaeteradd html escaping to janitor
2009-11-26 Christian Thaetersubmodules update
2009-11-26 Christian Thaeterfix request parameter handling
2009-11-26 Christian Thaetersubmodules update, fixes
2009-11-26 Christian Thaeterrequest.params.login must not be an empty string
2009-11-26 Christian Thaeteroops
2009-11-26 Christian ThaeterFIX: string interpolation was still broken
2009-11-26 Christian Thaeterlatest form updates in _uwiki
2009-11-26 Christian Thaeterstring interpolation switched from ${var} to %var%...
2009-11-24 Christian Thaeterbootstrapping script which compiles all documents shipp...
2009-11-23 Christian Thaetersubmodule update, form generation and import action etc
2009-11-23 Christian Thaeterfix paths for scm_load and type_load
2009-11-23 Christian Thaeterumake, build tool recursively building uwiki pages
2009-11-23 Christian Thaeterexists() and newer() for the upath lib
2009-11-23 Christian ThaeterSql fixes, make paths unique, things for making 'import...
2009-11-21 Christian ThaeterMerge remote branch 'andrew/master'
2009-11-21 Christian Thaetersome cosmetics on proto.lua
2009-11-20 Christian ThaeterEdit role should include mkdir
2009-11-20 Christian Thaeterupath lib adds tools for translating local/relative...
2009-11-15 Andrew Swinamerwrote uwiki/LICENSE from Affero GPLv3. finished ticket...
2009-11-12 Andrew Swinameredited README, added guide installation, that includes...
2009-11-12 Andrew Swinamerfinished edit ulua/README
2009-11-12 Andrew Swinameredited README to explain problems with Makefile and...
2009-11-10 Andrew Swinameradded ulua/testulua.lua that is a simple test to check...
2009-11-07 Christian Thaetersubmodule update, basic asciidoc creation support
2009-11-07 Christian Thaeterinterfaces for accessing generic key:value metadata
2009-11-07 Christian Thaeterdatabase update for type handling
2009-10-30 Christian Thaetersubproject update with the basic create/upload/git...
2009-10-30 Christian Thaeterscm metadata handler, loader, initialization etc
2009-10-30 Christian Thaeterprovide name end email substitutions for anonymous...
2009-10-30 Christian Thaeteradd shell quoting and escaping to janitor
2009-10-30 Christian Thaeterchange default user from nobody to uwiki
2009-10-30 Christian Thaeterchdir to docroot at startup
2009-10-30 Christian ThaeterFIX: type error in ulua
2009-10-29 Christian Thaeteradd submodule chroot
2009-10-28 Christian ThaeterMerge branch 'master' of git://git.lumiera.org/uwiki...
2009-10-28 Christian Thaeterhostnames may contain dashes
2009-10-27 Christian Thaeterrename meta.sql to schema.sql (meta.sql will be used...
2009-10-27 Christian Thaetersplit database initialization into smaller files for...
2009-10-27 Christian Thaetersimpler transaction handling
2009-10-27 Christian Thaeterfix and improve transaction handling, waiting for locks...
2009-10-26 Christian ThaeterSql transactions
2009-10-26 Christian Thaeteroops, forgot to require 'acl'
2009-10-26 Christian Thaeteradd ability to log metadata changes
2009-10-26 Christian Thaeterfunction for creating new acls
2009-10-26 Christian Thaeterrename uwikiadmin to admin
2009-10-26 Christian Thaeterformatting cosmetics
2009-10-26 Christian Thaeteradd 'who' and 'when' to most metadata to know who added it
2009-10-25 Christian Thaeteradd an voluntary metaacl check to prepare a 'create...
2009-10-25 Christian Thaeterconfig typo fixes
2009-10-23 Christian Thaetercheck that file does not exist already in create
2009-10-23 Christian Thaeteruse a named table for acls
2009-10-23 Christian Thaetername action objects with their name
2009-10-22 Christian ThaeterDocument the 'create' action a little
2009-10-21 Christian Thaeterpreliminary 'create' action, no types yet
2009-10-21 Christian Thaeterskeleton request_dump action
2009-10-21 Christian Thaeterimplementation of acl_get
2009-10-21 Christian Thaeterremove stale action and types registry
2009-10-21 Christian Thaeterremove stale include dir
2009-10-21 Christian Thaeterremoved stale users and etc dir
2009-10-20 Christian Thaeterset path on the auth cookies to /
2009-10-20 Nicholas Sinnott... Changed the account_create asciidoc file to reflect...
2009-10-20 Nicholas Sinnott... Added support for form auto-generation from asciidoc.
2009-10-20 Christian Thaeterprovide a 'cgi' config defining how to invoke the cgi
2009-10-20 Christian Thaeterfile interpolation lost linebreaks, add them
2009-10-20 Christian Thaeterrefine the apache config with a direct script-alias...
2009-10-20 Christian Thaeterdeclaring the email in user accounts unique, should...
2009-10-20 Christian ThaeterFIX: numbers must not be quoted
2009-10-20 Christian Thaetermore drastic (complete) sql escaping
2009-10-18 Christian Thaeterinterpolate strings from file
2009-10-18 Christian Thaeteracl allowing Admin to call any action
2009-10-18 Christian Thaeterreenable random pass for uwiki admin
2009-10-18 Christian Thaeterremove old stale files
2009-10-18 Christian ThaeterFix http header and cookie handling
2009-10-18 Christian Thaeterrename newuser to newlogin for account_create, remove...