descriptionSynaptics touchpad driver, trackstick emulation
ownerChristian Thaeter
last changeFri, 23 Feb 2007 15:55:40 +0000 (16:55 +0100)
2007-02-23 Christian Thaeterchanged type to int for pars->recenter, adjust defaults trackstick
2007-02-23 Christian Thaeterusing doubles for neutral position and recenter them...
2007-01-28 Peter OsterlundFix man page language inconsistency.
2007-01-28 Peter OsterlundUpdate man page for new trackstick emulation feature.
2007-01-28 Peter OsterlundMade the TrackstickSpeed option give the same speed...
2007-01-28 Peter OsterlundRename the TrackstickAccelFactor option to TrackstickSpeed.
2007-01-28 Peter OsterlundSmall cleanup in trackstick functionality.
2007-01-28 Peter OsterlundFix whitespace in trackstick patches.
2007-01-17 Christian Thaeterre-add instant movement detection
2006-12-25 Christian Thaeterremoved exp_accl
2006-12-25 Christian Thaetermerged first trackstick patch
2006-12-17 Jesper SmithFix to make the driver work on newest xorg GIT. origin
2006-12-17 Ingmar EllenbergerImplement 2-finger emulation for ALPS touchpads.
2006-12-17 Peter OsterlundCorrected compatibility list entry.
2006-12-17 Peter OsterlundAdded "Dell Inspiron 2200" to the compatibility list.
2006-10-29 Peter OsterlundAdded "Toshiba Portege R200" to the compatibility list.
13 years ago v0.14.6 v0.14.6
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14 years ago v0.12.3 v0.12.3
14 years ago v0.14.4 v0.14.4
14 years ago v0.14.3 v0.14.3
14 years ago v0.14.2 v0.14.2
14 years ago v0.14.1 v0.14.1
14 years ago v0.14.0 v0.14.0
14 years ago v0.13.6 v0.13.6
14 years ago v0.13.5 v0.13.5
14 years ago v0.13.4 v0.13.4
14 years ago v0.13.3 v0.13.3
14 years ago v0.13.2 v0.13.2
14 years ago v0.13.1 v0.13.1
14 years ago v0.13.0 v0.13.0
14 years ago v0.12.5 v0.12.5
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