descriptionregex policy daemon
ownerChristian Thaeter
last changeFri, 2 May 2008 23:23:24 +0000 (01:23 +0200)
2008-05-02 Christian Thaeterfixed typo master
2008-04-05 Christian Thaeterimprove th git version generation
2008-03-15 Christian ThaeterFix: vargs must be va_copy'ed when used multiple times
2008-03-14 Christian Thaeterfixed bug where sigint caused the deletion of rule...
2008-01-22 Christian ThaeterAdd a client library which makes it easy to access...
2007-12-11 Christian Thaeteruse DUMPH in the xchat plugin
2007-12-11 Christian ThaeterAdd a DUMPH command which dumps the atimes in a human...
2007-11-09 Christian Thaetermeta update for 1.0rc1 1.0rc1
2007-11-09 Christian ThaeterLIST shows only files for which DUMP policy is allowed
2007-11-09 Christian Thaetermake LIST walking race/lock free
2007-11-09 Christian Thaeterlittle locking rework
2007-11-09 Christian Thaeterfixed potential deadlocks for MERGE UPDATE and FILTER
2007-11-08 Christian Thaeterautoloading fix
2007-11-08 Christian Thaeterlet CHECK in 'sublists' also autoload lists
2007-11-08 Christian ThaeterSave only existing files automatically, user must use...
2007-11-08 Christian Thaeterfile autoloading, when a file is referenced the first...
12 years ago 1.0rc1 this is release 1.0rc1
12 years ago 0.3 this is version 0.3
12 years ago 0.2 this is version 0.2
12 years ago 0.2pre1 this is release 0.2pre1
12 years ago 0.1alpha This is version 0.1alpha
12 years ago 0.1pre initial core functionality complete
12 years ago master
12 years ago xchat
12 years ago pth