2007-10-21 Christian ThaeterWIP: pth, cleanup, transistion mostly done
2007-10-21 Christian ThaeterWIP: pth transistion, 3rd step, commands basically...
2007-10-21 Christian ThaeterWIP: pth transition, 2nd step
2007-10-21 Christian ThaeterWIP: gnu-pth transistion, socket accepting
2007-10-21 Christian ThaeterWIP: FETCH, first part
2007-10-21 Christian Thaeterfile_rules_delete function
2007-10-18 Christian ThaeterDELETE command
2007-10-17 Christian Thaeterrelease 0.2pre1 0.2pre1
2007-10-17 Christian Thaetercleanup and meta updates for next release
2007-10-17 Christian Thaeterreserve and extend the list of forbidden filename chara...
2007-10-17 Christian ThaeterEXPIRE command
2007-10-17 Christian Thaeterimplemented atime handling, rules maintain a timestamp...
2007-10-16 Christian Thaeterreorder init sequence, daemonize after all commandline...
2007-10-16 Christian Thaeterdont change the current dir when daemonize
2007-10-16 Christian ThaeterHELP produces comment syntax (leading #)
2007-10-16 Christian Thaeterextended the VERSION command
2007-10-16 Christian Thaeterautoreconf needs this files for bootstraping D'oh
2007-10-16 Christian ThaeterHELP command
2007-10-16 Christian ThaeterVERSION command, HELP and EXPIRE skeletons
2007-10-16 Christian Thaeterchange -D debug verbosity to LOG_INFO
2007-10-13 Christian Thaeteradd TODO make target which import the todo from the...
2007-10-12 Christian Thaetersome more .gitignore patterns
2007-10-12 Christian Thaeterchange the build system from 'foreign' to 'gnu' require...
2007-10-12 Christian Thaeterfactored the source into smaller files covering single...
2007-10-11 Christian Thaeterthis is version 0.1alpha 0.1alpha
2007-10-11 Christian Thaetercosmetics
2007-10-11 Christian ThaeterPolicy handling, needed some socket/base pointer rearra...
2007-10-11 Christian Thaeterlogging improvement
2007-10-09 Christian Thaeterloading files from optargs
2007-10-09 Christian Thaeterlistening works again
2007-10-09 Christian Thaetergetopt handling and lots of smaller logging and other...
2007-10-09 Christian Thaetercleanup: use malloc/strdup wraper, add a log and a...
2007-10-08 Christian ThaeterAutotoolified
2007-10-08 Christian Thaeterfix leaking connections by calling destructor instead... 0.1pre
2007-10-08 Christian Thaetercommand REPLACE
2007-10-08 Christian Thaeterlittle cleanup
2007-10-08 Christian Thaeteroff by one fix
2007-10-08 Christian Thaeterremove unused listnode in rpxd_connection, add tmp_stri...
2007-10-08 Christian Thaetercommand SAVE
2007-10-08 Christian Thaeterfix LOAD purging old loaded rules
2007-10-08 Christian Thaetercommand LOAD
2007-10-08 Christian ThaeterREMOVE command
2007-10-08 Christian Thaetersimplified socket/connection management, only one socke...
2007-10-08 Christian ThaeterCheck if filename was provided for farious commands
2007-10-08 Christian ThaeterBetter filename validation
2007-10-08 Christian ThaeterAPPEND/PREPEND commands
2007-10-08 Christian Thaeterhandle illegal syntax in rule files
2007-10-08 Christian Thaeterllist fixes
2007-10-07 Christian Thaetercmd SHUTDOWN
2007-10-07 Christian Thaeternow the DUMP command
2007-10-07 Christian Thaeteradd the LIST command
2007-10-07 Christian Thaeterfixed the CHECK callback to handle the semantic change...
2007-10-07 Christian Thaetersome pending cosmetics
2007-10-07 Christian Thaeterlet the command dispatch call the command directly...
2007-10-07 Christian Thaeteradd function checking if a tree is empty to psplay
2007-10-06 Christian Thaetercmd_CHECK implementation
2007-10-06 Christian Thaeterreadline fix
2007-10-06 Christian Thaeterlisten address fix
2007-10-06 Christian Thaeterkeep files by basename in lookup tree, store full pathn...
2007-10-05 Christian Thaeterreplaced 'activate' with 'schedule'
2007-10-05 Christian Thaeterhandle file part of a command
2007-10-05 Christian Thaeteradded some error messages/cleanup
2007-10-05 Christian Thaeterrefactored file_load into file_new and then file_load
2007-10-05 Christian Thaetercommand dispatcher
2007-10-05 Christian Thaeterminor cosmetic changes/renames
2007-10-04 Christian Thaetersimple blocking write, to be refined later
2007-10-03 Christian Thaeterfirst buffer, readline implementation
2007-10-03 Christian Thaetercreating connections
2007-10-03 Christian ThaeterWIP: skeleton/planning
2007-10-02 Christian Thaetersilenced compiler warnings, cosmetics
2007-10-02 Christian Thaeterfixed return value, limit dumping to level 40
2007-10-01 Christian Thaeterimplemented a tree-walking api for psplay
2007-10-01 Christian Thaeterfurther on basic implementation
2007-10-01 Christian Thaetermake psplay key const
2007-10-01 Christian Thaetermade a psplayroot struct
2007-09-30 Christian Thaeteradd .gitignore
2007-09-30 Christian Thaeterprobabilistic splay tree
2007-09-30 Christian Thaeteradd llist.h
2007-09-30 Christian Thaeterinitial commit .. just some basics