fixed/improved logging
[rxpd] / tests /
2007-10-31 Christian Thaeterimplemented the -i option to make regex case insensitive
2007-10-31 Christian Thaeterlet the test-daemons log
2007-10-31 Christian Thaeternew daemonizing code which chdir's and switches user etc
2007-10-30 Christian Thaeteradd a 'sublists' feature
2007-10-30 Christian Thaeterwoops, forgot to shutdown the test-daemons
2007-10-30 Christian Thaeterass 1 sec timeout to ensure the daemon is up in tests
2007-10-29 Christian Thaeteradd some chinese glyphs to the unicode test, they proll...
2007-10-29 Christian Thaeterallow hierachic filenames, this changes the FETCH synta...
2007-10-29 Christian ThaeterFILTER command
2007-10-29 Christian improvement, provide a $TESTS variable which...
2007-10-28 Christian Thaeterutf8 regex, still using glibc/posix regex, other engine...
2007-10-27 Christian ThaeterMERGE command
2007-10-25 Christian Thaetersyncronization tests
2007-10-25 Christian Thaeterrenamed SYNC to UPDATE
2007-10-25 Christian Thaeterreduced test timeouts
2007-10-25 Christian Thaeteruse package version information from git
2007-10-25 Christian Thaeterregex checking tests
2007-10-25 Christian Thaeterfix to accept empty 'in:' lines
2007-10-25 Christian Thaetermake distcheck happy
2007-10-25 Christian Thaetermore tests
2007-10-25 Christian Thaeterbeginning of a test suite