make LIST walking race/lock free
[rxpd] / src / rxpd_connection_cmd.c
2007-11-09 Christian Thaetermake LIST walking race/lock free
2007-11-09 Christian Thaeterlittle locking rework
2007-11-09 Christian Thaeterfixed potential deadlocks for MERGE UPDATE and FILTER
2007-11-08 Christian Thaeterautoloading fix
2007-11-08 Christian Thaeterlet CHECK in 'sublists' also autoload lists
2007-11-08 Christian ThaeterSave only existing files automatically, user must use...
2007-11-08 Christian ThaeterNew CLEAR command, removes all rules from a list
2007-11-05 Christian ThaeterMerge branch 'master' into xchat
2007-11-05 Christian Thaeteruse '!EXIT' instead of '#EXIT:' for breaking commands
2007-11-02 Christian Thaetershutdown fixes
2007-11-01 Christian Thaetersignal handling first part and refactored connection...
2007-10-31 Christian Thaeterimplemented the -i option to make regex case insensitive
2007-10-30 Christian Thaeteradd a 'sublists' feature
2007-10-29 Christian Thaetercleaned up some code, removed/improved few comments...
2007-10-29 Christian Thaeterallow hierachic filenames, this changes the FETCH synta...
2007-10-29 Christian ThaeterFILTER command
2007-10-28 Christian Thaetermacro checking the prefix of a string
2007-10-28 Christian Thaeterexpiring rules will just comment them out instead delet...
2007-10-27 Christian ThaeterMERGE command
2007-10-27 Christian Thaetercosmetic / typos
2007-10-25 Christian Thaeterrenamed SYNC to UPDATE
2007-10-25 Christian ThaeterSYNC command
2007-10-25 Christian Thaeter'#EXIT:' and empty line handling for REPLACE and REMOVE
2007-10-25 Christian Thaeterstop APPEND and PREPEND at empty line or '#EXIT:'
2007-10-22 Christian ThaeterFETCH command (only tcp4 so far)
2007-10-22 Christian Thaeterrwlock rules list
2007-10-22 Christian Thaeterreenable SHUTDOWN
2007-10-21 Christian ThaeterWIP: pth, cleanup, transistion mostly done
2007-10-21 Christian ThaeterWIP: pth transistion, 3rd step, commands basically...
2007-10-21 Christian ThaeterWIP: FETCH, first part
2007-10-18 Christian ThaeterDELETE command
2007-10-17 Christian ThaeterEXPIRE command
2007-10-17 Christian Thaeterimplemented atime handling, rules maintain a timestamp...
2007-10-16 Christian ThaeterHELP produces comment syntax (leading #)
2007-10-16 Christian Thaeterextended the VERSION command
2007-10-16 Christian ThaeterHELP command
2007-10-16 Christian ThaeterVERSION command, HELP and EXPIRE skeletons
2007-10-12 Christian Thaeterfactored the source into smaller files covering single...