fixed the CHECK callback to handle the semantic change introduced with the former...
[rxpd] / rxpd.c
2007-10-07 Christian Thaeterfixed the CHECK callback to handle the semantic change...
2007-10-07 Christian Thaetersome pending cosmetics
2007-10-07 Christian Thaeterlet the command dispatch call the command directly...
2007-10-06 Christian Thaetercmd_CHECK implementation
2007-10-06 Christian Thaeterreadline fix
2007-10-06 Christian Thaeterlisten address fix
2007-10-06 Christian Thaeterkeep files by basename in lookup tree, store full pathn...
2007-10-05 Christian Thaeterreplaced 'activate' with 'schedule'
2007-10-05 Christian Thaeterhandle file part of a command
2007-10-05 Christian Thaeteradded some error messages/cleanup
2007-10-05 Christian Thaeterrefactored file_load into file_new and then file_load
2007-10-05 Christian Thaetercommand dispatcher
2007-10-05 Christian Thaeterminor cosmetic changes/renames
2007-10-04 Christian Thaetersimple blocking write, to be refined later
2007-10-03 Christian Thaeterfirst buffer, readline implementation
2007-10-03 Christian Thaetercreating connections
2007-10-03 Christian ThaeterWIP: skeleton/planning
2007-10-01 Christian Thaeterfurther on basic implementation
2007-09-30 Christian Thaeterinitial commit .. just some basics