renamed SYNC to UPDATE
[rxpd] /
2007-10-25 Christian Thaeterlets see if touching makes version trackin...
2007-10-25 Christian Thaeteruse printf instead echo
2007-10-25 Christian Thaeteruse package version information from git
2007-10-25 Christian Thaeterinclude all tests in
2007-10-25 Christian Thaetermake distcheck happy
2007-10-25 Christian Thaeterbeginning of a test suite
2007-10-21 Christian Thaetersome cleanup, no libevent left
2007-10-21 Christian ThaeterWIP: gnu-pth transistion, socket accepting
2007-10-13 Christian Thaeteradd TODO make target which import the todo from the...
2007-10-12 Christian Thaeterchange the build system from 'foreign' to 'gnu' require...
2007-10-12 Christian Thaeterfactored the source into smaller files covering single...
2007-10-08 Christian ThaeterAutotoolified