2017-06-09 Christian Thaeternew rstore implementation (been in use since years) master
2008-07-31 Christian Thaeterlots of messy pending changes
2008-07-17 Christian ThaeterCode cleanup
2008-07-16 Christian Thaeterpack, restore and other stuff
2008-07-16 Christian Thaetersome code cleanup and documentation fixes
2008-07-16 Christian Thaetercruft cleanup
2008-07-12 Christian Thaeternew include handing in global var
2008-06-17 Christian Thaeterstatistics command
2008-06-04 Christian Thaetercosmetics
2008-06-04 Christian Thaeter* rstore renaming (RSTOREDIR)
2008-05-28 Christian ThaeterWIP: initial version for review