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2020-04-16 Christian Thäterminor doc fixes and asciidoctor generated html master
2020-04-07 Christian ThäterREADME/pipadoc.html update
2020-04-07 Christian Thäterstrsubst: improve escaping rules, allow 'true' for...
2020-04-07 Christian Thäterdoc and message cosmetics
2020-04-04 Christian Thäter--define-post option
2020-04-04 Christian Thätersimplify writeout, write directy
2020-04-04 Christian ThäterISSUES: cleanup and refined PLANNED issues
2020-04-04 Christian ThäterDOC/ISSUES: documented and fixed open doc issues
2020-04-04 Christian ThäterDOC: make_context()
2020-04-04 Christian Thäterrefine and document strsubst() parameters
2020-04-04 Christian Thäterremove 'info()', unused
2020-04-04 Christian Thätermake set_gecontext local
2020-04-04 Christian ThäterDOC: cosmetics
2020-04-04 Christian Thäteruse markup in output generation as {toplevel}_{markup...
2020-04-04 Christian ThäterFIX: text index generation missed newlines
2020-04-03 Christian ThäterDOC: generated new html and README
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