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2017-08-13 Christian ThaeterHTML update devel master
2017-08-13 Christian ThaeterFIX: erroneous matching of issue keywords
2017-08-13 Christian ThaeterISSUES update
2017-08-13 Christian Thaeterbig config overhaul, nobug support etc
2017-08-13 Christian Thaeteractivate DOCVARS_POST
2017-08-13 Christian ThaeterDocumentation
2017-08-12 Christian Thaeterrename DOCVARS.VARDEF to DOCVARS.DVARDEF (as its doc...
2017-08-12 Christian ThaeterFIX: forgot parameters in f033520
2017-08-12 Christian Thaeteradd (hidden) --issues commandline option
2017-08-12 Christian ThaeterFIX: strsubst handled escaped braces wrong, add tests
2017-08-11 Christian Thaetercall collectgarbage to free memory after processing...
2017-08-11 Christian ThaeterDOC: new 'phases' section, updated htmldoc
2017-08-10 Christian ThaeterISSUES update
2017-08-10 Christian Thaeterpending cosmentics
2017-08-10 Christian ThaeterWIP: new context handline
2017-08-10 Christian ThaeterWIP: apply new strsubst
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