2020-04-16 Christian Thäterminor doc fixes and asciidoctor generated html master
2020-04-07 Christian ThäterREADME/pipadoc.html update
2020-04-07 Christian Thäterstrsubst: improve escaping rules, allow 'true' for...
2020-04-07 Christian Thäterdoc and message cosmetics
2020-04-04 Christian Thäter--define-post option
2020-04-04 Christian Thätersimplify writeout, write directy
2020-04-04 Christian ThäterISSUES: cleanup and refined PLANNED issues
2020-04-04 Christian ThäterDOC/ISSUES: documented and fixed open doc issues
2020-04-04 Christian ThäterDOC: make_context()
2020-04-04 Christian Thäterrefine and document strsubst() parameters
2020-04-04 Christian Thäterremove 'info()', unused
2020-04-04 Christian Thätermake set_gecontext local
2020-04-04 Christian ThäterDOC: cosmetics
2020-04-04 Christian Thäteruse markup in output generation as {toplevel}_{markup...
2020-04-04 Christian ThäterFIX: text index generation missed newlines
2020-04-03 Christian ThäterDOC: generated new html and README
2020-04-03 Christian ThäterDOC: small fixes, typos
2020-04-03 Christian ThäterFIX: use COMMENTS_TABLE in issues generation
2020-04-03 Christian Thäteradd COMMENTS_TABLE to the filecontext to be available...
2020-04-03 Christian Thäterfactor preprocessors_run out
2020-04-03 Christian Thäterremove dead/commented out code
2020-04-03 Christian Thäterimprove and document the shipped configfile
2020-04-03 Christian Thäterremove asciidoc helpers from config
2020-04-03 Christian Thäteradd README generation to --make-doc
2020-04-02 Christian ThäterFIX: handle errors on -o output file opening
2020-04-02 Christian Thäterfinalize doc for current version
2020-04-02 Christian Thätermakeover for new release
2017-08-13 Christian ThaeterHTML update devel
2017-08-13 Christian ThaeterFIX: erroneous matching of issue keywords
2017-08-13 Christian ThaeterISSUES update
2017-08-13 Christian Thaeterbig config overhaul, nobug support etc
2017-08-13 Christian Thaeteractivate DOCVARS_POST
2017-08-13 Christian ThaeterDocumentation
2017-08-12 Christian Thaeterrename DOCVARS.VARDEF to DOCVARS.DVARDEF (as its doc...
2017-08-12 Christian ThaeterFIX: forgot parameters in f033520
2017-08-12 Christian Thaeteradd (hidden) --issues commandline option
2017-08-12 Christian ThaeterFIX: strsubst handled escaped braces wrong, add tests
2017-08-11 Christian Thaetercall collectgarbage to free memory after processing...
2017-08-11 Christian ThaeterDOC: new 'phases' section, updated htmldoc
2017-08-10 Christian ThaeterISSUES update
2017-08-10 Christian Thaeterpending cosmentics
2017-08-10 Christian ThaeterWIP: new context handline
2017-08-10 Christian ThaeterWIP: apply new strsubst
2017-08-10 Christian ThaeterWIP: new string substitution engine
2017-07-18 Christian Thaetersmarter --output
2017-07-18 Christian Thaeterinclude braces on streval fail warning
2017-07-18 Christian ThaeterHTML update v0.1
2017-07-18 Christian Thaeterwrap all user supplied functions in pcall, emit warning...
2017-07-18 Christian Thaeteradd support for a WIP issue annotation
2017-07-18 Christian Thaeteradd filetype aliasing
2017-07-18 Christian Thaetersome small pending fixes
2017-07-17 Christian ThaeterHTML update
2017-07-17 Christian Thaeteradd --output option
2017-07-17 Christian Thaeteradd check for input files passed twice
2017-07-17 Christian Thaeterupdate HTML doc
2017-07-17 Christian Thaetermake the --make-doc a bit smarter, build doc from emacs...
2017-07-17 Christian Thaetercosmetics
2017-07-17 Christian ThaeterMake git (blame) use conditional on -D GIT
2017-07-17 Christian Thaeterchange {STRING} to <STRING>
2017-07-17 Christian Thaeternew '$' operator for alphanumeric sorting
2017-07-17 Christian Thaeteruse test processors only when -D TESTSUITE is defined
2017-07-17 Christian Thaeterdie when an explicit defined config file cant be loaded
2017-07-17 Christian Thaetermake --define without value set variable to true
2017-07-17 Christian Thaeterfix commandline argument checks
2017-07-16 Christian Thaeterprelimary, new ISSUE preprocessor/code
2017-07-16 Christian Thaetercosmetics
2017-07-16 Christian ThaeterISSUES update
2017-07-16 Christian Thaeterfix and test for postprocessors dropping lines
2017-07-16 Christian Thaeternew output generation
2017-07-15 Christian ThaeterFIX: bugs with section with no keys, add tests
2017-07-15 Christian ThaeterBUG: sections with no keys and operator @ and #
2017-07-13 Christian Thaeternew html
2017-07-13 Christian Thaetermore cosmetics
2017-07-13 Christian Thaeterdoc cosmetics
2017-07-13 Christian Thaeterput builtin filetype registration in its own function
2017-07-13 Christian Thaetersome PLANNED notes
2017-07-12 Christian Thaeterrewrite syntax as bnf
2017-07-12 Christian Thaeterhtml update, w/ index
2017-07-12 Christian ThaeterDOC: cosmetics
2017-07-12 Christian ThaeterIndex generation
2017-07-12 Christian ThaeterFIX: postprocessor, run at @ and # operators, better...
2017-07-12 Christian Thaeterhtml update
2017-07-12 Christian ThaeterFIX: typo in preprocessing
2017-07-12 Christian ThaeterDOC: cosmetics, DOCVAR.NIL
2017-07-12 Christian ThaeterSafe mode and '--safe' option
2017-07-11 Christian ThaeterDOC: about configuration files
2017-07-11 Christian Thaeterremove the generators parameter from generate_output...
2017-07-11 Christian ThaeterDOC: cosmetics
2017-07-10 Christian Thaeterimplement "NODOC" as preprocessor
2017-07-10 Christian ThaeterPreproces all line again, needed later for nobug annota...
2017-07-09 Christian Thaeterfix asciidoc markup
2017-07-08 Christian ThaeterISSUES cleanup
2017-07-08 Christian Thaeteradd -D -<name> syntax for undefining DOCVARs
2017-07-07 Christian Thaeterdocvar commandline option --define key=value
2017-07-07 Christian ThaeterDOC: cosmetics and DOCME's
2017-07-07 Christian Thaeterhtml update
2017-07-07 Christian ThaeterDOC: add postprocessing to 'order of operations'
2017-07-07 Christian ThaeterFIX: use NOORIGIN/ORIGIN to control source location...
2017-07-07 Christian Thaeterdoc cosmetics
2017-07-07 Christian ThaeterPostprocessors per markup