2010-08-30 Christian ThaeterFIX: NOBUG_LOG env parsing error master
2010-08-20 Christian ThaeterThis is release 201008.1 201008.1 latest-release master_signature
2010-08-20 Christian Thaeterignore pdftex errors
2010-08-20 Christian ThaeterMerge remote branch 'starbase/devel' into devel
2010-08-20 Christian Thaetertest_inc.conf produces the testsuite doc (temp)
2010-08-20 Christian Thaeterremove 'volatile' they're wrong, we need barriers/locks...
2010-08-20 Christian ThaeterRelease preparation, bump library version, makefile...
2010-08-19 Christian ThaeterFinal Documentation makeover, fix plenty bugs
2010-08-19 Andreas Hermann... Fix typos
2010-08-18 Christian Thaetercosmetic in sourcecode docs
2010-08-18 Christian Thaeterfix tables
2010-08-18 Christian Thaeterinclude the doc into the nobug book
2010-08-18 Christian Thaetercosmetics and copyright years updates
2010-08-18 Christian Thaeterimprove the 'literate' source docs for the resource...
2010-08-18 Christian Thaeteradd functionality to verbatim.pawk to strip leading...
2010-08-17 Christian ThaeterMore documentation fixes, formatting, cosmetic, wording
2010-08-17 Christian Thaeterimprove index generation and pagerefs
2010-08-17 Christian Thaeteradd a 'dotted' list style for the index, include pagere...
2010-08-17 Christian Thaetersome formatting fixes, missing empty lines, literal...
2010-08-17 Christian ThaeterMerge remote branch 'mob/pseudoruprecht/latexbackend...
2010-08-17 Christian Thaeterrewrite the labeled lists using latex descriptions
2010-08-17 Christian ThaeterAnother asciidoc.pawk change
2010-08-17 Andreas Hermann... doc: Fix typos; update LaTeX depencies; rephrase some...
2010-08-17 Andreas Hermann... Fix typo
2010-08-17 Christian Thaeterchange link coolors
2010-08-17 Christian Thaeterconvert table-legend to footnotes in the annotations...
2010-08-17 Andreas Hermann... Merge branch 'devel' into latex
2010-08-17 Christian ThaeterMerge remote branch 'mob/pseudoruprecht/latexbackend...
2010-08-17 Christian Thaeterwe don't want colons generated by latex.conf
2010-08-17 Christian Thaeteradd empty lines before literal paragraphs
2010-08-17 Andreas Hermann... AsciiDoc/LaTeX: use package microtype to make typeset...
2010-08-17 Andreas Hermann... AsciiDoc/LaTeX: set link colors in PDF to cyan
2010-08-17 Christian ThaeterMerge remote branch 'mob/pseudoruprecht/latexbackend...
2010-08-17 Christian Thaeterfix INDEX syntax glitches with empty lines
2010-08-17 Christian ThaeterWIP: remove the text from a hypertarget
2010-08-17 Christian Thaeteranother try on asciidoc.pawk, generating an explicit id
2010-08-17 Christian Thaeterdont make 'Index' a specialsection because we will...
2010-08-17 Andreas Hermann... Merge branch 'devel' into latex
2010-08-16 Christian Thaetersome pending cosmetics
2010-08-16 Christian Thaeterremove spaces from hyperref identifiers instead using __
2010-08-16 Christian Thaetercolspec fix, new asciidoc table syntax
2010-08-16 Christian ThaeterRemove .idx generation we create a custom index later
2010-08-16 Andreas Hermann... AsciiDoC/LaTeX: add package cmap to fix search in gener...
2010-08-16 Christian ThaeterMerge remote branch 'mob/pseudoruprecht/latexbackend...
2010-08-16 Christian Thaetermakefile targets for toc and index generation (incomplete)
2010-08-16 Andreas Hermann... AsciiDoc/LaTeX: Fix escapes
2010-08-16 Andreas Hermann... AsciiDoc/LaTeX: Use thempfootnote counter in tables
2010-08-16 Christian Thaeterfix index/anchor generation, anchors must be after...
2010-08-16 Christian Thaetermove abstact, motto and toc to the manual config file
2010-08-16 Christian ThaeterWork on latex tables, allowing footnotes
2010-08-16 Christian Thaeterfix passthrough for __foo__ texts
2010-08-16 Christian ThaeterFIX: pipadoc index generation, replace non alnum chars...
2010-08-16 Christian ThaeterMerge branch 'benny2' of git://
2010-08-15 Benny LyonsMinor language chages.
2010-08-15 Benny LyonsMinor corrections to language: Coverage Macros.
2010-08-15 Benny LyonsMinor changes to language.
2010-08-15 Benny LyonsMinor language corrections.
2010-08-15 Benny LyonsMinor corrections to language.
2010-08-15 Benny LyonsMinor language corrections: Macros on Fauslt Injection.
2010-08-15 Christian Thaetermake the generated .tex file precious for easier debugging
2010-08-15 Christian ThaeterMerge branch 'pseudoruprecht/latexbackend' of git:...
2010-08-15 Christian Thaeterfixing backslash escaping in tables, refine the compati...
2010-08-15 Christian ThaeterArrgs, accidentally dropped what was already commited
2010-08-15 Andreas Hermann... upgrade listingblock in latex.conf to fancyvrb (has...
2010-08-15 Christian ThaeterMerge remote branch 'mob/pseudoruprecht-newasciitables...
2010-08-15 Christian ThaeterMerge remote branch 'mob/benny2' into devel
2010-08-15 Andreas Hermann... doc: Convert tables to new AsciiDoc post-8.3.0 syntax
2010-08-12 Benny LyonsText moved to nobug.h.
2010-08-12 Benny LyonsDescription of Source Code Annotations expanded.
2010-08-11 Benny LyonsImprovements to text describing macros.
2010-08-11 Benny LyonsLanguage and text improvements. No significant change...
2010-08-10 Christian Thaetersome doc cosmetics and improvements
2010-08-10 Christian Thaeterfix listing titles
2010-08-10 Christian Thaeterinclude .conf files in the Makefile dependencies
2010-08-09 Christian ThaeterRevert "Minor language improvements."
2010-08-09 Benny LyonsMinor language improvements.
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeterformatting improvments on the resourcetracker doc
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeterfix resourcetracking formatting
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeterauthors and license formatting
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeterfix admonition paragaphs
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeterstarting chapters at any page will safe some trees
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeterimprove the annotations doc
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeteradd 'credits' as symlink to AUTHORS
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeterfixing and rewraping the macros chapter
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeteranother newline for verbatim sections
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeterreviewd, reworded and fixed some documentation
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeterplenty improvements for latex.conf
2010-08-08 Christian Thaeterdoc: small documentation fixes, new title
2010-08-08 Christian Thaeterpdf: fixing link generation
2010-08-08 Christian ThaeterPDF: style fixes
2010-08-08 Christian Thaeterstart new PDF generation through plain latex
2010-08-07 Christian ThaeterMerge branch 'coverage' into devel
2010-08-07 Christian Thaeterlet README generation grep asciidoc comments out coverage coverage_signature
2010-08-03 Christian ThaeterFIX: some gotchas in
2010-08-03 Christian Thaetercosmetics, fault coverage checker
2010-08-03 Christian Thaeterdocument the fault-coverage checker
2010-07-19 Christian Thaeteradd bug-report address to AC_INIT
2010-07-16 Christian Thaetertests for resource resetting
2010-07-16 Christian ThaeterFIX: copy'n'paste brainfart in RESETALL
2010-07-16 Christian ThaeterRESOURCE_RESET and RESOURCE_RESETALL