2010-08-15 Christian ThaeterMerge remote branch 'mob/benny2' into devel
2010-08-12 Benny LyonsText moved to nobug.h.
2010-08-12 Benny LyonsDescription of Source Code Annotations expanded.
2010-08-11 Benny LyonsImprovements to text describing macros.
2010-08-11 Benny LyonsLanguage and text improvements. No significant change...
2010-08-10 Christian Thaetersome doc cosmetics and improvements
2010-08-10 Christian Thaeterfix listing titles
2010-08-10 Christian Thaeterinclude .conf files in the Makefile dependencies
2010-08-09 Christian ThaeterRevert "Minor language improvements."
2010-08-09 Benny LyonsMinor language improvements.
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeterformatting improvments on the resourcetracker doc
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeterfix resourcetracking formatting
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeterauthors and license formatting
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeterfix admonition paragaphs
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeterstarting chapters at any page will safe some trees
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeterimprove the annotations doc
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeteradd 'credits' as symlink to AUTHORS
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeterfixing and rewraping the macros chapter
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeteranother newline for verbatim sections
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeterreviewd, reworded and fixed some documentation
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeterplenty improvements for latex.conf
2010-08-08 Christian Thaeterdoc: small documentation fixes, new title
2010-08-08 Christian Thaeterpdf: fixing link generation
2010-08-08 Christian ThaeterPDF: style fixes
2010-08-08 Christian Thaeterstart new PDF generation through plain latex
2010-08-07 Christian ThaeterMerge branch 'coverage' into devel
2010-08-07 Christian Thaeterlet README generation grep asciidoc comments out coverage coverage_signature
2010-08-03 Christian ThaeterFIX: some gotchas in
2010-08-03 Christian Thaetercosmetics, fault coverage checker
2010-08-03 Christian Thaeterdocument the fault-coverage checker
2010-07-19 Christian Thaeteradd bug-report address to AC_INIT
2010-07-16 Christian Thaetertests for resource resetting
2010-07-16 Christian ThaeterFIX: copy'n'paste brainfart in RESETALL
2010-07-16 Christian ThaeterRESOURCE_RESET and RESOURCE_RESETALL
2010-07-16 Christian Thaeterass some sanity checks for COVERAGE_DISABLE/ENABLE
2010-07-16 Christian Thaeteradd COVERAGE_DISABLE/COVERAGE_ENABLE
2010-07-16 Christian Thaeterfault coverage testing, first implementation (EXPERIMENTAL)
2010-07-16 Christian Thaeteradd the _IF variant to INVARIANT_ASSERT
2010-07-16 Christian ThaeterFIX: ENSURE_IF_CTX called the non _CTX version
2010-06-09 Christian Thaeteradd the _IF variant to INVARIANT_ASSERT
2010-06-05 Christian ThaeterFIX: ENSURE_IF_CTX called the non _CTX version
2010-06-01 Christian ThaeterThis is release 201006.1 201006.1
2010-06-01 Christian Thaeterrelease make target fix
2010-06-01 Christian Thaeteradd some notes what to do when writing the NEWS file devel_signature
2010-06-01 Christian ThaeterMakefile targets to generate a manpage
2010-06-01 Christian ThaeterAdd some generic fallbacks for defining NOBUG_FUNC
2010-05-31 Christian Thaetertypo in pipadoc
2010-05-31 Christian ThaeterFix documentation about dumping datastructures
2010-05-31 Christian ThaeterImprove the release make targets
2010-05-30 Christian ThaeterSome Pending cosmetics and small fixes _signature
2010-05-30 Christian ThaeterFIX: context initialization, __func__ retrieval
2010-05-30 Christian ThaeterFIX: only emit trailing semicolons in llist.h when...
2010-05-30 Christian ThaeterFIX: errorcode when file does not exist is undefined...
2010-05-30 Christian ThaeterCheck for existence of LOG_PERROR
2010-05-30 Christian ThaeterFIX: impove generic compiler support
2010-05-11 Christian ThaeterThis is release 201005.1 201005.1
2010-05-11 Christian Thaeterprefix all mpool functions with nobug_
2010-04-18 Christian Thaeterrequire invariant functions to be prefixed with 'nobug_'
2010-04-18 Christian Thaeteradd a 'void* extra' parameter to the INVARIANT macros
2010-04-08 Christian Thaeteradd a 'void* extra' parameter to the DUMP macros
2010-03-04 Christian Thaeteradd a PLANNED_TEST() macro to test.h
2010-02-03 Christian ThaeterThis is release 201002.1 201002.1
2010-02-02 Christian Thaeterreenable recursive resource_mutex
2010-02-02 Christian ThaeterFix testsuite for the new continutation syntax using...
2010-02-02 Christian ThaeterFIX: Rework locking
2010-02-02 Christian Thaeterfix threadstress test, disable beta and release, these...
2010-02-01 Christian ThaeterBUG: race condition when starting threads accessing...
2010-01-30 Christian Thaetermultiline continued log lines have a special event...
2010-01-30 Christian Thaeterreplace certain boring strings with a '-'
2010-01-29 Christian ThaeterThis is release 201001.3 201001.3
2010-01-29 Christian ThaeterFix Makefile, release-tagging
2010-01-29 Christian Thaeteruse a VERSION file to track the version
2010-01-29 Christian ThaeterAdd a lot release maintenance targets to the
2010-01-29 Christian Thaeterscript to query the current version from the
2010-01-29 Christian Thaeteradd library versioning
2010-01-29 Christian ThaeterAdd a small script for bumping the version number
2010-01-29 Christian Thaeterupdate copyright headers again
2010-01-29 Christian ThaeterEnable resource logging in BETA builds
2010-01-28 Christian Thaeteradd a NIL context for passing boring contexts
2010-01-28 Christian ThaeterAdd a 'guard' size parameter to ringbuffer construction...
2010-01-28 Christian Thaeteruse multiline logging for resource_dump() and resource_...
2010-01-28 Christian ThaeterRefactor logging core into multiple functions, support...
2010-01-28 Christian Thaeterformatting fix for init_flag
2010-01-28 Christian Thaeterringbuffer_extend() for adding extra space to the last...
2010-01-28 Christian ThaeterRingbuffer internal doc
2010-01-28 Christian ThaeterSome small doc fixes reflecting recent new features
2010-01-25 Christian ThaeterUpdate copyright headers according to git blame output
2010-01-25 Christian Thaeterupdated NEWS file from all previous release announcements
2010-01-25 Christian Thaeteradd .mailmap for git commit/author normalization
2010-01-23 Christian ThaeterNew README file
2010-01-23 Christian ThaeterDocumentation update for new 'context' facility. Bump... 201001.2
2010-01-23 Christian ThaeterPass resource context structure directly instead pointer
2010-01-23 Christian Thaetercontext passing update
2010-01-22 Christian ThaeterWIP: add source contexts, remove debugger-only macros
2010-01-19 Christian Thaeterremove some double nobug_counter printing from resource...
2010-01-11 Christian ThaeterFIX: C++ warning about passing temporary, make the...
2010-01-10 Christian ThaeterThanks to testing by Jeroen van de Nieuwenhof, MacOS...
2010-01-10 Christian ThaeterFIX: make selftest more robust
2010-01-10 Christian ThaeterFIX: Macos has no static initializer for recursive...
2010-01-10 Christian ThaeterFIX: mmap checking