FIX: context initialization, __func__ retrieval
[nobug] / src / nobug.h
2010-05-30 Christian ThaeterFIX: context initialization, __func__ retrieval
2010-05-30 Christian ThaeterFIX: impove generic compiler support
2010-04-18 Christian Thaeterrequire invariant functions to be prefixed with 'nobug_'
2010-04-18 Christian Thaeteradd a 'void* extra' parameter to the INVARIANT macros
2010-04-08 Christian Thaeteradd a 'void* extra' parameter to the DUMP macros
2010-02-02 Christian ThaeterFIX: Rework locking
2010-01-30 Christian Thaeterreplace certain boring strings with a '-'
2010-01-29 Christian Thaeterupdate copyright headers again
2010-01-29 Christian ThaeterEnable resource logging in BETA builds
2010-01-28 Christian Thaeteradd a NIL context for passing boring contexts
2010-01-28 Christian ThaeterAdd a 'guard' size parameter to ringbuffer construction...
2010-01-28 Christian Thaeteruse multiline logging for resource_dump() and resource_...
2010-01-28 Christian Thaeterringbuffer_extend() for adding extra space to the last...
2010-01-25 Christian ThaeterUpdate copyright headers according to git blame output
2010-01-23 Christian ThaeterDocumentation update for new 'context' facility. Bump... 201001.2
2010-01-23 Christian ThaeterPass resource context structure directly instead pointer
2010-01-23 Christian Thaetercontext passing update
2010-01-22 Christian ThaeterWIP: add source contexts, remove debugger-only macros
2010-01-11 Christian ThaeterFIX: C++ warning about passing temporary, make the...
2010-01-10 Christian Thaeteralias for RESOURCE_TRY
2010-01-09 Christian Thaeteradd a TRYING stateto the resourcetracker
2010-01-09 Christian ThaeterFIX: the glibc logger using nobug_log internally, no...
2010-01-09 Christian Thaetercorrect macro parameter parentizing
2010-01-08 Christian ThaeterRESOURCE_ASSERT_STATE checks for asserting that a resou...
2010-01-07 Christian Thaeteradd sync/allsync functions to ringbuffer, sync ringbuff...
2010-01-07 Christian Thaeterlocking for backtraces
2010-01-07 Christian Thaeterback to old semantics for resource acquisition. only...
2010-01-06 Christian ThaeterMerge remote branch 'plouj/master' into devel
2010-01-06 Christian ThaeterMerge branch 'von_benny' into devel
2010-01-05 Michael PloujnikovMerge remote branch 'origin/devel' into mine
2010-01-05 Michael Ploujnikovbetter grammar and sentences
2010-01-04 Christian Thaeterunlock the resource mutex before executing the users...
2009-12-21 Christian ThaeterFIX: valgrind newline semantics after 3.5.0 (partial)
2009-12-18 Michael PloujnikovMerge branch 'devel' of git://
2009-12-18 Christian Thaeterrefactor nobug log-locking again
2009-12-18 Christian Thaeteradd a 'append' mode for the ringbuffer
2009-12-18 Christian ThaeterFactor log-locking out to the _LOG macro.
2009-12-18 Christian ThaeterMake resource handles typessafe
2009-12-17 Michael PloujnikovMerge remote branch 'origin/devel' into mine
2009-12-17 Michael Ploujnikovstop ECHO from logging to syslog
2009-12-17 Christian ThaeterFix: race conditions in RESOURCE_ENTER/STATE/LEAVE...
2009-12-15 Christian Thaeterlet NOBUG_ECHO() barf on the ANN flag
2009-09-05 Christian ThaeterMerge branch 'devel'
2009-09-04 Christian ThaeterFIX: some doc fixes, typos, xrefs
2009-09-04 Christian ThaeterFIX: documentation for RESOURCE_ENTER was not updated
2009-09-04 Christian ThaeterThe big documentation update
2009-09-04 Christian Thaetercallbacks for logging and aborting
2009-09-04 Christian ThaeterNOBUG_THREAD_DATA for thread local storage of user...
2009-09-04 Christian Thaeteruse gcc's format attribute to validate formatstring...
2009-09-04 Christian Thaetercleanup in nobug.h, remove some cruft
2009-09-04 Christian Thaetercosmetics
2009-09-04 Christian ThaeterDefine NOBUG_TAB to be eight spaces by default
2009-09-04 Christian Thaeterpending changes and stat functions for nobug_resource
2009-09-04 Christian Thaetersome pending cleanups and fixes
2009-09-04 Christian ThaeterAdd a explicit nobug_destroy() to tear down nobug
2009-09-04 Christian ThaeterWIP: preparation for the new deadlock checker, structur...
2009-09-04 Christian ThaeterDocumentation beautifying
2009-09-04 Christian Thaeterper thread resource stack links all 'resource_user...
2009-09-04 Christian ThaeterPreparation for the upcoming deadlock detector
2009-02-19 Christian Thaeterguard around LLIST definition
2009-02-08 Luca BarbatoMake valgrind optional
2009-02-02 Christian Thaeternew resource tracker, without deadlock detector so far
2009-01-28 Christian Thaeterrefine RESOURCE_ASSERT messages, fixup for state transi...
2009-01-27 Christian Thaeteradd NOBUG_FLAG_RAW() hack
2009-01-23 Christian Thaeterremove the line number from C++ initializers, give...
2009-01-23 Christian ThaeterRevert NOBUG_EXTERN, using 'extern "C"' from C++ is...
2009-01-23 Christian ThaeterFIX: dummy initializers must not be static to prevent...
2009-01-23 Christian ThaeterFIX: __LINE__ expansion was not triggered
2009-01-23 Christian Thaeterdefine a NOBUG_EXTERN which handles C linkage for C...
2009-01-22 Christian Thaeteradd NOBUG_DECLARE_ONLY magic
2009-01-22 Christian Thaetermake initialization race free
2009-01-21 Christian Thaeterreplace NOBUG_ASSERTN_ by NOBUG_RESOURCE_ASSERT
2009-01-21 Christian ThaeterFIX: dump level check was a complete brainfart, should...
2009-01-20 Christian Thaeterfix filename in resource context, pass only basename
2009-01-19 Christian ThaeterIMPORTANT CHANGE: reverse the parameter order for RESOU...
2009-01-19 Christian Thaeterminor documentation fixes and cosmetics
2009-01-17 Christian ThaeterAdd another static NOBUG_ANN flag for logging annotatio...
2009-01-17 Christian Thaeterfix LOCATION_INFO_ARGS in BACKTRACE
2009-01-15 Christian Thaeteradd a 'nobug' flag to log nobug actions itself
2009-01-13 François KUBLERresourcemacros improvments.
2009-01-13 François KUBLERSome more work on resourcemacros.
2009-01-13 François KUBLERresourcemacros formatting.
2009-01-12 Christian ThaeterDocument the NOBUG_IF_* macros
2009-01-12 Christian Thaetermove the toolmacros documentation into nobug.h
2009-01-12 Christian Thaeterdocument LOG_BASELIMIT's
2009-01-12 Christian Thaeterbasic dumping doc cleanup/integration
2009-01-12 Christian Thaeterlittle cosmetics in logmacros
2009-01-12 Christian Thaeterbeautified and reviewed the logging doc
2009-01-12 Christian Thaeternew, prettier formatting for assertions doc
2009-01-12 Christian Thaeterminor typos and corrections
2009-01-11 Christian Thaeterpipadocing the resourcetracker things
2009-01-11 Christian Thaetermake the index generation nicer, using labled lists
2009-01-10 Christian Thaeterpipadoced the faultinjection macros
2009-01-10 Christian Thaeterpipadoced the annotations
2009-01-10 Christian Thaeterdocumentation for the logging macros
2009-01-10 Christian Thaeterlittle more assertions docs
2009-01-10 Christian ThaeterWIP: Transition to new pipadoc
2009-01-06 Christian ThaeterExperimental documentation splitup for review
2009-01-06 Christian Thaeternobug_init() -> nobug_init(void)
2009-01-06 Christian ThaeterMake resource dumping using the logging facilities