dont make 'Index' a specialsection because we will generat our own index
[nobug] / doc / latex.conf
2010-08-17 Christian Thaeterdont make 'Index' a specialsection because we will...
2010-08-16 Christian Thaetercolspec fix, new asciidoc table syntax
2010-08-16 Christian ThaeterMerge remote branch 'mob/pseudoruprecht/latexbackend...
2010-08-16 Andreas Hermann... AsciiDoc/LaTeX: Fix escapes
2010-08-16 Andreas Hermann... AsciiDoc/LaTeX: Use thempfootnote counter in tables
2010-08-16 Christian ThaeterWork on latex tables, allowing footnotes
2010-08-16 Christian ThaeterMerge branch 'benny2' of git://
2010-08-15 Christian ThaeterMerge branch 'pseudoruprecht/latexbackend' of git:...
2010-08-15 Christian Thaeterfixing backslash escaping in tables, refine the compati...
2010-08-15 Andreas Hermann... upgrade listingblock in latex.conf to fancyvrb (has...
2010-08-15 Christian ThaeterMerge remote branch 'mob/benny2' into devel
2010-08-10 Christian Thaeterfix listing titles
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeterfix admonition paragaphs
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeterstarting chapters at any page will safe some trees
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeteranother newline for verbatim sections
2010-08-09 Christian Thaeterplenty improvements for latex.conf
2010-08-08 Christian Thaeterpdf: fixing link generation
2010-08-08 Christian ThaeterPDF: style fixes
2010-08-08 Christian Thaeterstart new PDF generation through plain latex