another try on asciidoc.pawk, generating an explicit id
[nobug] / doc / asciidoc.pawk
2010-08-17 Christian Thaeteranother try on asciidoc.pawk, generating an explicit id
2010-08-16 Christian Thaeterremove spaces from hyperref identifiers instead using __
2010-08-16 Christian ThaeterMerge remote branch 'mob/pseudoruprecht/latexbackend...
2010-08-16 Christian Thaeterfix index/anchor generation, anchors must be after...
2010-08-16 Christian ThaeterFIX: pipadoc index generation, replace non alnum chars...
2009-09-04 Christian Thaeterpending cleanups
2009-09-04 Christian Thaeterpipadoc, make index generation optional in HEAD and...
2009-09-04 Christian Thaeterpipadoc, asciidoc, allow HEAD without headline
2009-09-04 Christian ThaeterFIX: pipapoc, asciidoc, track actual head level
2009-09-04 Christian Thaeterpipadoc: asciidoc, add INDEX only entry
2009-09-04 Christian Thaeterpipadoc: asciidoc support increment/decrement HEAD's
2009-09-04 Christian Thaeterinclude source file and line number comments by asciido...
2009-09-04 Christian Thaetermake indexes optional for the asciidoc plugin of pipadoc
2009-09-04 Christian Thaeterlittle pipadoc cleanup, sort index case independenty
2009-09-04 Christian Thaeterpipadoc update, new upstream version with macro facility