Some Pending cosmetics and small fixes
[nobug] /
2010-05-30 Christian ThaeterSome Pending cosmetics and small fixes _signature
2010-05-30 Christian ThaeterCheck for existence of LOG_PERROR
2010-05-30 Christian ThaeterFIX: impove generic compiler support
2010-05-11 Christian ThaeterThis is release 201005.1 201005.1
2010-02-03 Christian ThaeterThis is release 201002.1 201002.1
2010-01-29 Christian ThaeterThis is release 201001.3 201001.3
2010-01-25 Christian ThaeterUpdate copyright headers according to git blame output
2010-01-23 Christian ThaeterDocumentation update for new 'context' facility. Bump... 201001.2
2010-01-10 Christian ThaeterRELEASE: 201001.1 201001.1
2010-01-06 Christian ThaeterMerge branch 'von_benny' into devel
2010-01-05 Michael PloujnikovMerge remote branch 'origin/devel' into mine
2009-12-21 Christian Thaeterremove the 'less than' version check for valgrind
2009-12-21 Christian ThaeterFIX: forgot to make valgrind optional
2009-12-21 Christian ThaeterFIX: valgrind newline semantics after 3.5.0 (partial)
2009-12-20 Christian Thaeterfix and use the mmap-anon.m4 macro for our purpose...
2009-12-17 Michael PloujnikovMerge remote branch 'origin/devel' into mine
2009-12-16 Christian ThaeterAC_CHECK_FILE for pkg-config is a bit odd, should work...
2009-12-15 Christian ThaeterMerge remote branch 'benny_usb/solaris'
2009-11-12 Benny LyonsRudimentary check for pkg-config
2009-09-04 Christian Thaeterfixes for make the release ready 200909.1
2009-02-08 Luca BarbatoMake valgrind optional
2009-02-08 Luca Barbatoaddress C99 usage while not asking for a C99 compiler...
2009-01-13 Christian ThaeterFIX: make distcheck work again, bump version number...
2009-01-06 Christian Thaeternew backtrace function for glibc, uses nobugs logging...
2009-01-06 Christian Thaetervalgrind support is back
2008-12-12 Christian Thaetershared lib, use libtool
2008-08-18 Christian Thaeteradded a pkg-config metadata file for multithreaded...
2008-08-18 Michael Ploujnikovadded a pkg-config metadata file
2008-04-03 Christian Thaeterchanged license to GPLv2 or any later
2008-03-16 Christian ThaeterDirectory reorganization
2007-07-28 Peter, acinclude.m4: Use ACX_PTHREAD to detect...
2007-07-04 Christian Thaeterversion bump 0.3pre1
2007-05-31 Christian Thaeterfinal 0.2 release release_0.2
2007-05-10 Christian Thaeterimprove makefile meta generation, preparation for 0...
2007-03-27 Christian ThaeterRelease 0.2pre2 metadata/documentation sync release_0.2pre2
2007-03-25 Christian ThaeterMerge commit 'logbuffer_signature'
2007-03-25 Christian Thaeterbuild 2 library variants now one without threading... threadlock_signature
2007-03-21 Christian ThaeterMerge logbuffer
2007-03-19 Christian Thaeterbirth of libnobug.a
2007-02-02 Christian Thaeterfix BETA and RELEASE build bug
2007-01-31 Christian ThaeterDocumentation update
2007-01-30 Christian Thaeterautotoolified release_0.1