This is release 201005.1
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2010-05-11 Christian ThaeterThis is release 201005.1 201005.1
2010-02-03 Christian ThaeterThis is release 201002.1 201002.1
2010-01-29 Christian ThaeterThis is release 201001.3 201001.3
2010-01-23 Christian ThaeterNew README file
2010-01-10 Christian ThaeterRELEASE: 201001.1 201001.1
2009-09-04 Christian Thaeterfixes for make the release ready 200909.1
2009-09-04 Christian Thaetermetafiles update
2008-04-03 Christian ThaeterMeta and documentation update for 0.3rc1 0.3rc1
2007-07-28 Christian ThaeterMerge commit 'mob/master'
2007-07-28 Christian Thaeterupdated documentation, ChangeLog and some cosmetics
2007-07-04 Christian Thaetermeta update for 0.3pre1 snapshot_0.3pre1
2007-05-31 Christian Thaeterfinal 0.2 release release_0.2
2007-05-16 Christian Thaetermeta update for the 0.2rc1 release
2007-03-27 Christian ThaeterRelease 0.2pre2 metadata/documentation sync release_0.2pre2
2007-03-21 Christian ThaeterMerge logbuffer
2007-03-18 Christian Thaeteruse NOBUG_DISABLE_SHORTNAMES to disable short aliases
2007-03-14 Christian ThaeterMerge commit 'pre0.2' into logbuffer
2007-03-14 Christian Thaetermeta update
2007-02-21 Christian Thaeteruse autoconfed checks for valgrind and execinfo, makes... pre0.2
2007-02-20 Christian Thaetertest fixes, doc updates (new log format)
2007-02-14 Christian Thaeterrenamed BUG to FIXME, must not exist in BETA builds now
2007-01-31 Christian ThaeterDocumentation update
2007-01-30 Christian Thaeterbetter logging control with NOBUG_LOG, set limits per...
2007-01-27 Christian ThaeterDoc enhancement: BestPractices. wiki doc got completely...
2007-01-26 Christian Thaeterdump fixes
2007-01-26 Christian Thaeterdump fixes
2007-01-24 Christian Thaeterdocumentation update
2007-01-16 Christian Thaetermerged limit and flag checking Release_0.0
2007-01-13 Christian Thaeternew LIMIT definition (prelimary)
2007-01-12 Christian Thaetercontrol NOBUG_LIMIT with a env var
2007-01-11 Christian Thaeterdoc update
2006-12-23 Christian Thaeterdoc improvement
2006-12-23 Christian Thaeterw3m is much better than lynx
2006-12-23 Christian Thaeternew Makefile target to fetch README from wiki Doc
2006-12-18 Christian Thaeterdoc new logging capabilities
2006-11-29 Christian Thaeterchanged logging output from NOBUG to DEBUG, minor forma...
2006-11-06 Christian Thaeterfirst real working revision