2016-04-26 Christian Thaeterpending issues doc master
2016-04-26 Christian Thaeterdoc: some pending edits, rewording etc
2016-04-26 Christian Thaeterdoc: lineedit
2016-04-26 Christian Thaeterdoc: I/O library, TXQUEUE Documentation
2016-04-26 Christian Thaeterstart serial documentation, w/ some fixes underway
2016-04-26 Christian Thaetermigrate to pipadoc and add DIR_INFO files
2016-04-25 Christian Thaeternew init system, using priority sorted init routines
2016-04-25 Christian Thaeterclock: rewrite *_now functions, add _isr variants
2016-04-25 Christian Thaeterrename *_unsafe to *_isr
2016-04-24 Christian Thaeterdoc: cppm driver
2016-04-23 Christian Thaetergitignore
2016-04-23 Christian Thaeterdoc: library and license
2016-04-23 Christian Thaeterdoc: cbuffer
2016-04-23 Christian Thaeterdoc: spriq
2016-04-23 Christian Thaeterdoc: cosmetics
2016-04-23 Christian ThaeterSimplify types in lib/, remove volatile
2016-04-22 Christian Thaeterdoc: start library documentation
2016-04-21 Christian Thaeterremove old buffer implementation, unused
2016-04-21 Christian Thaetersome pending doc cosmetics
2016-04-21 Christian ThaeterDocument error handling
2016-04-21 Christian Thaeterdoc: include GPL on pdf
2016-04-21 Christian Thaetermake: planned_gitbranch target filter
2016-04-21 Christian Thaetermake: show issues depending on git branch
2016-04-20 Christian Thaeteradd license blurb
2016-04-20 Christian Thaeterio fixes w/o txqueue, other refinements
2016-04-20 Christian Thaetergenerate for calling init functions
2016-04-20 Christian Thaetermake: add gitpush target to publish
2016-04-20 Christian Thaeterdowngrade some FIXMEs to TODOs
2016-04-20 Christian ThaeterFIX: input capture definitions for avr's
2016-04-20 Christian ThaeterFIX: clock prescaler definitions for mega328p
2016-04-20 Christian ThaeterFIX: add correct pending overflow handling for *_now...
2016-04-20 Christian ThaeterFIX: use muos_clock_elapsed() in muos_wait()
2016-04-20 Christian ThaeterMerge branch 'doc' into devel
2016-04-19 Christian ThaeterWIP
2016-04-18 Christian Thaetermake: add fixme, todo, planned targets
2016-04-18 Christian ThaeterWIP: new error implementation, using returns for synchr...
2016-04-18 Christian ThaeterWIP: documentation
2016-04-16 Christian ThaeterDOC: more...
2016-04-16 Christian Thaeteradd VERSION generation, small doc refinements
2016-04-16 Christian Thaeterrename rtq to hpq
2016-04-16 Christian Thaetermake: add target for webpage and publish thereof
2016-04-16 Christian ThaeterPLAN: some notes
2016-04-16 Christian ThaeterFIX: disable interrupts after error handling
2016-04-16 Christian ThaeterBarebone Documentation, WIP
2016-04-16 Christian Thaetermake: change depvar tracking to .v files
2016-04-15 Christian Thaetermake: remove mrpoper, add to clean
2016-04-15 Christian Thaeterdoc: fix utf-8 in pdf titles
2016-04-15 Christian ThaeterDOC: add git-blame support to pipadoc
2016-04-15 Christian Thaetermake: build documentation by default when toolchain...
2016-04-14 Christian Thaetermake: doc targets refinements
2016-04-14 Christian Thaeterupdate pipadoc
2016-04-07 Christian Thaeterdoc: initial documentation setup, generated README
2016-04-07 Christian Thaetermake: add target to generate a README
2016-04-06 Christian Thaetergitignore: generated documentation files
2016-04-06 Christian ThaeterMakefile/Infrastructure for generating documentation
2016-04-06 Christian Thaetersome plans
2016-03-29 Christian Thaetercppm: add saturation for cooked values at +127
2016-03-28 Christian Thaetercppm: add cooked channel data
2016-03-27 Christian Thaeterreverse interrupt logic
2016-03-26 Christian Thaeterupdate example/config for attiny84 w/ cppm parser
2016-03-26 Christian Thaeterclock calibration, save few bytes
2016-03-26 Christian ThaeterCPPM driver for RC receiver sum signals
2016-03-26 Christian ThaeterMuch simpler Clock calibration
2016-03-24 Christian ThaeterAdd spinwait for short clock timespans which cant be...
2016-03-23 Christian ThaeterFIX: latency calculation for the timer, setup compmatch
2016-03-23 Christian Thaeterclock: implement 16bit timer support
2016-03-22 Christian Thaeterrefine time hw configuration as (timer, compmatch)...
2016-03-21 Christian ThaeterReorganize hardware specific code and loading
2016-03-20 Christian Thaeterrename to vendor/
2016-03-20 Christian ThaeterMakefile for the micronucleus Bootloader
2016-03-20 Christian Thaeteradd Macro for Microseconds
2016-03-20 Christian ThaeterPLAN update
2016-03-20 Christian Thaeterconfigurable maximum derivitation for
2016-03-20 Christian Thaetermuos_clock_elapsed() getting time difference between...
2016-03-19 Christian Thaeterclock_calibrate: pass time along calibration
2016-03-19 Christian Thaeteradd drift compensation for clock calibration
2016-03-18 Christian Thaeteradd compensation for the 2 RC Oscillator Modes
2016-03-17 Christian Thaeteradd clock calibration
2016-03-16 Christian ThaeterFix timer interrupt handling for tinys
2016-03-16 Christian Thaetermake it compile for the tiny85 (untested)
2016-03-16 Christian ThaeterPLAN update
2016-03-16 Christian Thaetercosmetics, example with lineedit hexdump
2016-03-16 Christian ThaeterFIX: lineedit: handle wide unicode characters
2016-03-16 Christian Thaeterio: cstrn function for partial strings
2016-03-09 Christian ThaeterWIP
2016-02-23 Christian Thaeterlineedit: only safe recall when buffer is not empty
2016-02-23 Christian Thaeterlineedit: recall previous line
2016-02-22 Christian Thaeterlineedit: overwrite mode for utf8
2016-02-22 Christian Thaeterlineedit: simplily some escape sequences (to flash...
2016-02-22 Christian ThaeterWIP: lineedit: UTF-8 fixes, working now for insert...
2016-02-18 Christian Thaetertxqueue/linedit: add support for strings in PROGMEM...
2016-02-18 Christian Thaeterlineedit: utf8 support
2016-02-18 Christian Thaeterexample.c update, using txqueue, lineedit, WIP (utf8...
2016-02-18 Christian Thaetertxqueue: CSI codes, wip
2016-02-18 Christian Thaetertxqueue: fix NCHARS printing
2016-02-17 Christian Thaetertxqueue: fix cstr
2016-02-16 Christian Thaetertxqueue: cosmetics, POPN 1 -> POP
2016-02-16 Christian Thaetertxqueue: fix NCHARS handler
2016-02-16 Christian Thaetertxqueue: base and upcase specifiers
2016-02-16 Christian Thaetertxqueue: signed integer types