2009-01-06 Christian Thaetermake valgrind testing faster again master
2009-01-06 Christian Thaeternobug_init() -> nobug_init(void)
2009-01-06 Christian ThaeterMake resource dumping using the logging facilities
2009-01-06 Christian Thaetercosmetics
2009-01-06 Christian Thaeternew backtrace function for glibc, uses nobugs logging...
2009-01-06 Christian ThaeterFix: Correct all Failures which where revealed by valgrind
2009-01-06 Christian Thaeteradd valgrind/suppression support to the testsuite
2009-01-06 Christian Thaeteradd a valgrind suppression generator
2009-01-06 Christian Thaetervalgrind support is back
2009-01-06 Christian Thaeterrename global_mutex to logging_mutex, use it directly...
2009-01-06 Christian Thaeteradd a logging baselimit
2009-01-06 Christian Thaeterbig nobug.h reorganization
2009-01-06 Christian Thaetersome (C) 2009 adds
2009-01-06 Christian Thaetercosmetics
2009-01-06 Christian Thaeterremove NOBUG_BLOCK and NOBUG_MODE_SWITCH macros, factor...
2009-01-06 Christian ThaeterMove high level logging before low level macros
2009-01-06 Christian ThaeterNOBUG_WHEN and NOBUG_IF_mode macro cleanup
2009-01-06 Christian ThaeterFault injection macros
2009-01-06 Christian ThaeterLogging for CRITICAL and ALERT levels
2009-01-06 Christian Thaeterenable resetting of thread ids
2009-01-06 Christian Thaeterthreadid tests
2009-01-06 Christian Thaeterresource tracker, deadlock tests
2009-01-06 Christian Thaetermultithreading and resource tracker tests
2009-01-06 Christian ThaeterTransition to new testsuite
2009-01-06 Christian Thaetertest.h improvements
2009-01-06 Christian Thaetertestsuite integration driven by improved
2009-01-06 Christian ThaeterChange the log format!
2009-01-06 Christian ThaeterNOBUG_CHECK for assertions which never get optimized out
2009-01-06 Christian ThaeterNOBUG_ECHO does unconditional logging at LOG_NOTICE...
2008-12-27 Christian Thaeterreplace NOBUG_RESOURCE_HANDLE_COMMA_INITIALIZER with...
2008-12-27 Christian Thaeterfixes, cosmetics and email correction
2008-12-24 Christian Thaeteradd a _RAW version for NOBUG_RESOURCE_LEAVE takeing...
2008-12-12 Christian Thaetershared lib, use libtool
2008-08-18 Christian Thaeteradded a pkg-config metadata file for multithreaded...
2008-08-18 Michael Ploujnikovadded a pkg-config metadata file
2008-08-17 Christian Thaeteradd RESOURCE_STATE_RAW for uncooked flags
2008-08-09 Christian Thaeteradd RESOURCE_ANNOUNCE_RAW and RESOURCE_FORGET_RAW variants
2008-08-09 Christian Thaeteradd preconditions for resource handling
2008-08-09 Christian Thaeteradd shortname for RESOURCE_HANDLE_INIT
2008-08-09 Christian Thaeteradd a resource handle init macro
2008-05-22 Christian ThaeterACX_PTHREAD needs LDFLAGS=PTHREAD_CFLAGS
2008-05-22 Christian Thaeteradd the srcdir to the include directories for building...
2008-05-07 Christian Thaetersome cosmetics
2008-04-29 Christian Thaeteraccording to POSIX overlapped mmap replaces the old...
2008-04-03 Christian ThaeterMeta and documentation update for 0.3rc1
2008-04-03 Christian Thaeterchanged license to GPLv2 or any later
2008-03-20 Christian Thaeterrbdump must include source header
2008-03-18 Christian Thaeterreindented rbdump, added/removed some code
2008-03-18 Christian ThaeterMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-03-18 Christian Thaeterfix: test strlen(flag->name) after existence of flag...
2008-03-18 Simeon VoelkelCorrected indenting in
2008-03-18 Simeon Voelkelremoved unneded comments
2008-03-18 Simeon VoelkelAdded nobug_rbdump to
2008-03-18 Simeon VoelkelRenamed nobug_rbdump.cpp to nobug_rbdump.c
2008-03-18 Simeon VoelkelAdded nobug_rbdump - nobug ringbuffer dump
2008-03-18 Simeon Voelkelupdate of INSTALL
2008-03-18 Christian Thaeteradd nobug_log to nobug.h, cleanup
2008-03-18 Christian Thaeteradd the flag to the callback parameters
2008-03-18 Christian ThaeterSlightly relaxed locking/counter updates
2008-03-18 Christian ThaeterAdd a hook for application defined logging
2008-03-18 Christian ThaeterAdd a global event counter
2008-03-17 Christian Thaeteradd options parser to envvar parsing
2008-03-17 Christian ThaeterAdd ringbuffer_new/delete() for dynamic ringbuffer...
2008-03-16 Christian ThaeterRefactored the logging macro to a helper function
2008-03-16 Christian ThaeterDirectory reorganization
2008-03-16 Christian Thaetercleanup checks only in ALPHA build level
2007-07-28 Christian ThaeterMerge commit 'mob/master'
2007-07-28 Christian Thaeterupdated documentation, ChangeLog and some cosmetics
2007-07-28 Peter SimonsBuild all test programs in all variants (and run them...
2007-07-28 Peter Simonsnobug_resources.c: fixed "unused variable" compiler...
2007-07-28 Peter Simons.gitignore: Ignore example program and other generated...
2007-07-28 Peter Added build targets for example program.
2007-07-28 Peter Simonsexample.c: return 0 to avoid compiler warning.
2007-07-28 Peter Simonsnobug_ringbuffer.c: Include <stdlib.h> to define mkstemp().
2007-07-28 Peter Simonsnobug.c: Silenced gcc warning about a lost const qualif...
2007-07-28 Peter Simonsnobug_thread.c: cosmetic fixes
2007-07-28 Peter Simonsnobug_resources.c: Use %lu to snprintf() an unsigned...
2007-07-28 Peter Simonsnobug_env.c: Initialize nobug_limits[] as array of...
2007-07-28 Peter Simonsnobug.h: Take advantage of ACX_PTHREAD.
2007-07-28 Peter, acinclude.m4: Use ACX_PTHREAD to detect...
2007-07-28 Peter SimonsINSTALL: Updated by automake 1.10.
2007-07-06 Christian Thaetershorten message
2007-07-06 Christian Thaeterfixed deadlock detector, report offening other lock now
2007-07-04 Christian Thaeterversion bump 0.3pre1
2007-07-04 Christian Thaetermeta update for 0.3pre1
2007-06-16 Christian Thaetertest code for the deadlock checker, not complete
2007-06-16 Christian Thaetercosmetics
2007-06-16 Christian Thaeterdeadlock checker, fixed implementation
2007-06-05 Christian Thaeterdeadlock checker basic implementation, not yet integrated origin/master
2007-06-01 Christian Thaeterstart of lock checker in C
2007-06-01 Christian Thaeter#ifdef should be #if
2007-06-01 Christian Thaeteruse a struct to accumulate nobug thread local storage...
2007-06-01 Christian Thaeterremoved nobuglockalyzer, lock checking will be done...
2007-05-31 Christian Thaeterupdated diagram
2007-05-31 Christian Thaeterstart of a script analyzing debug logs for locking...
2007-05-31 Christian Thaetermore consistent log formatting, always use ': ' as...
2007-05-31 Christian Thaeteradd an optional PARENT to log control flags
2007-05-31 Christian Thaeterfinal 0.2 release release_0.2
2007-05-31 Christian Thaeterlittle cleanup