2014-06-29 Christian Thaeter-n, --dry-run option master
2014-06-29 Christian Thaeteroptions to disable buildin rules and default configfiles
2014-06-29 Christian Thaeterfinal ':' as export spec to include all whats not left out
2014-06-29 Christian Thaeteroption gitannex=overwrite instead append
2014-06-29 Christian Thaeterfix exporter specs
2014-06-29 Christian Thaetergeneric 'set' engine
2014-06-29 Christian Thaeterfix exporter specs handling, default exporter etc
2014-06-29 Christian Thaeterprelimary git annex pre commit hook
2014-06-29 Christian Thaeterimprove the gitannex option
2014-06-29 Christian Thaeterparse exporter commandline options after loading files
2014-06-29 Christian Thaeteradd opption handling for engine calls
2014-06-29 Christian Thaeterremove LC_ALL setting, let the user do it
2014-06-24 Christian ThaeterREADME generation
2014-06-24 Christian Thaetermore docing, exclude doc sections starting with a ...
2014-06-23 Christian Thaeteradd gitannex exporter
2014-06-23 Christian Thaeterdoc refinement, markup explained
2014-06-23 Christian Thaeterfix strquote, remove trailing slash on filennames
2014-06-22 Christian ThaeterWIP: big documentation update
2014-06-22 Christian Thaeterlots of mixed smaller fixes
2014-06-20 Christian Thaeterdoc funcs improvements
2014-06-19 Christian Thaeternew matching implementation with ~= operator
2014-06-19 Christian Thaeterrename Metadata.Add to Metadata.Op
2014-06-15 Christian Thaeterrefine msg's
2014-06-15 Christian Thaeterfix less locale
2014-06-15 Christian Thaeteradd automatic indent to the help system
2014-06-15 Christian Thaeteradd GPL3/COPYING/License stuff
2014-06-15 Christian Thaeterbuildin help system
2014-06-15 Christian Thaeteradd engine for generic event dates and spliting dates
2014-06-14 Christian Thaeterlet the print exporter use io.write
2014-06-14 Christian Thaeterengines for exiftags, mplayer, time_to_secs
2014-06-14 Christian Thaetercheck dependencies in the installer
2014-06-14 Christian Thaeternegate rules with leading '-'
2014-06-14 Christian Thaeternixio fixes
2014-06-13 Christian Thaeterextend engine return handling
2014-06-13 Christian Thaetermetadata replacement operator 'meta:=search -> replace'
2014-06-13 Christian Thaeterchange Meta:Exclude to take full pattern not just filename
2014-06-13 Christian Thaetershexists
2014-06-13 Christian Thaeterremove luaposix, use nixio
2014-06-09 Christian Thaetercleanup, use . as metadata key delimiter
2014-06-04 Christian Thaeterreplace 'clear' engine with 'stop' engine
2014-06-02 Christian Thaeteradd a install script
2014-05-30 Christian Thaeterimproved options handling
2014-05-30 Christian Thaeteruse 'options' in rules
2014-05-30 Christian Thaeterimprove engine/process, stacked engines
2014-05-30 Christian Thaetercosmetics
2014-05-30 Christian Thaetergeneric -O options
2014-05-30 Christian Thaeterreturn "break"
2014-05-30 Christian Thaetermetaop ?=
2014-05-28 Christian Thaeteradd shell launcher searching for a lua executable
2014-05-27 Christian Thaeterrename lua scripts with proper .lua extensions
2014-05-23 Christian Thaeterinit