2007-07-30 Christian Thaeterupdated for nobug compatibility, has still... devel
2007-03-01 Christian Thaeterreplace_parser replaces %1 with %2 in the following...
2007-03-01 Christian Thaeterstringlist_string_set to replace the string of a string...
2007-03-01 Christian Thaetertry_parser should not call program_action_done but...
2007-02-28 Christian Thaetertests fixed for new errorhandling
2007-02-28 Christian Thaetertry and throw parsers
2007-02-28 Christian Thaeteradd new errorhandling
2007-02-28 Christian Thaeterbasics for new error handling
2007-02-28 Christian Thaetereval_parser evaluates the following programm fully...
2007-02-28 Christian Thaeterstring_prefix_nocase tests if a string starts with...
2007-02-26 Christian Thaeterppnumsplit fix
2007-02-26 Christian Thaeterppexclam_parser
2007-02-26 Christian Thaeterremoved a TRACE
2007-02-25 Christian Thaeterppmumsplit preprocessor
2007-02-25 Christian Thaetertest should be ASSERT not ENSURE
2007-02-25 Christian Thaeteradd fmt check to string_new_print, remove bogus error...
2007-02-21 Christian Thaeterfixes for nobug0.2 devel_signature
2007-02-19 Christian Thaeterfixed some PLANNED tests
2007-02-19 Christian Thaeterremoved old test sources
2007-02-19 Christian Thaeternew test program, part 2
2007-02-19 Christian Thaeternew test program, part 1
2007-02-19 Christian Thaeterppbackquote parser, first working preprocessing
2007-02-19 Christian Thaeterstop_parser
2007-02-15 Christian Thaeteradd acogc types
2007-02-15 Christian Thaeterprogram_pptr_string and program_pptr_cstr convinience...
2007-02-15 Christian Thaeternobug renamed BUG to FIXME
2007-02-14 Christian Thaeteruse ^ instead of - in parameter expansion for non recur...
2007-02-13 Christian Thaetereval_arg even with destination state START to detect... experimental
2007-02-13 Christian Thaeterfixed missing argument handling in program_eval_arg
2007-02-13 Christian Thaeterremoved bogus cast
2007-02-12 Christian Thaeterstow away
2007-02-12 Christian Thaeterimplement %0 expansion in macros
2007-02-12 Christian Thaeterskip_parser
2007-02-12 Christian Thaeterprogram_action_done substitutes --PASS only in nested...
2007-02-08 Christian Thaeterpreprocessor skeleton
2007-02-08 Christian Thaeterbegin preprocessor in mala implementation
2007-02-08 Christian ThaeterLIST_PARSER macro
2007-02-05 Christian ThaeterNEWS update master
2007-02-05 Christian Thaeterprintwrapped completed for now
2007-02-05 Christian Thaetertype error handling in program_eval_arg_fmt
2007-02-05 Christian Thaeterprogram_commonexception_at
2007-02-04 Christian Thaeterprintwraped parser
2007-01-26 Christian Thaetersleep_parser
2007-01-26 Christian Thaeterprogram_eval_arg_fmt
2007-01-26 Christian Thaeterifelse_parser
2007-01-26 Christian Thaeterbegin_parser fix for remove mode
2007-01-26 Christian Thaeterstringlist prev, advance, nobug_dump
2007-01-24 Christian Thaetershelved ifelse parser, need --BLOCK first
2007-01-24 Christian Thaetermore PROCDEDURE is now STATEMENT fixes
2007-01-24 Christian Thaeterold evaluation strategy where REMOVE resolves to -...
2007-01-23 Christian ThaeterNO and NONO parser
2007-01-20 Christian Thaeterremove parser
2007-01-19 Christian Thaeterrework states
2007-01-18 Christian Thaeterremoved "negated" from engine, will be in program
2007-01-17 Christian Thaeternegated flag
2007-01-17 Christian Thaeterremoved failure state, reordered states, predicates...
2007-01-17 Christian Thaeterreenable PRINTL
2007-01-17 Christian Thaeterfix acogc stack marker bug
2007-01-17 Christian Thaetermore nobug instrumentation
2007-01-11 Christian Thaeterdelete_parser tests
2007-01-11 Christian Thaeterdelete_parser
2007-01-11 Christian Thaeteraction_delete (incomplete)
2007-01-10 Christian Thaeternew tests for the def_parser
2007-01-10 Christian Thaeterfix %% escape
2007-01-10 Christian Thaeteradd a nesting_limit or prevent stack overruns
2007-01-09 Christian Thaeternew def_parser
2007-01-09 Christian Thaeteradd reference parameter to eval_arg
2007-01-09 Christian Thaetersmall gc/debugging changes
2007-01-05 Christian Thaeterend_parser, raise error
2007-01-05 Christian Thaeteruse --BLOCK_xxx for blocknames
2007-01-04 Christian Thaeterfew small changes
2007-01-04 Christian Thaeteroops, wrong return value in gc_parser
2007-01-04 Christian Thaetergc_parser, explicit garbage collection
2007-01-04 Christian Thaeterpass_parser
2007-01-04 Christian Thaeterpass_parser
2007-01-04 Christian Thaetertests for --BEGIN --END
2007-01-04 Christian Thaeterbegin_parser
2007-01-04 Christian Thaeterengine_tmpname()
2007-01-04 Christian Thaeteradd few checks
2007-01-02 Christian Thaetermove arg_eval before mutator in macro expansion
2007-01-02 Christian Thaetermore tests updates
2007-01-02 Christian Thaetertests and function reordering signature
2007-01-02 Christian Thaeterevaluator roundup
2007-01-01 Christian ThaeterLITERAL parser
2007-01-01 Christian Thaeternew tests
2007-01-01 Christian Thaeterstart, tests rearrangement
2007-01-01 Christian Thaeterprelimary strings module
2007-01-01 Christian Thaeterdisabled program/mala, shelf merge
2007-01-01 Christian Thaeterstd shelf merge, (disabled many things) much to do
2007-01-01 Christian Thaeterupdate tests, new NOBUG and more
2007-01-01 Christian Thaeterfixed init-procedure
2007-01-01 Christian Thaeteradd some REQUIRE checks, use api to query members
2006-12-31 Christian Thaetertests update
2006-12-31 Christian Thaeterchanged parser type
2006-12-31 Christian ThaeterFixed error handling TODOs
2006-12-31 Christian Thaeternew ERROR strings
2006-12-28 Christian Thaeternew macro expansion (in progress)
2006-12-28 Christian Thaetermacros for new api
2006-12-28 Christian Thaeterinsert stringlist into another
2006-12-28 Christian Thaetereval fixes, eval_arg, START state