2015-10-21 Christian Thaeterv0.4 master v0.4
2015-10-21 Christian ThaeterString matching operator
2015-10-19 Christian Thaeter$$$ operator for indirect meta evaluation v0.3-devel
2015-10-19 Christian Thaeterv0.3 v0.3
2015-10-19 Christian Thaeterdoc fixes and pcall catching recursive metacalls
2015-10-17 Christian Thaeterimplement partial evaluation mode
2015-10-07 Christian Thaetersyntactic change to allow linebreaks around braces
2015-10-07 Christian Thaeterdocument internal config vars
2015-09-28 Christian ThaeterFix tmpvars in metacalls
2015-09-28 Christian Thaeteradd an 'explicit' mode
2015-09-28 Christian ThaeterChange semantic for metacalls, have one implicit parameter
2015-09-22 Christian Thaeterfix: meta operator/tmpvars and tests
2015-09-16 Christian Thaeternew api, only metamethods v0.2
2015-09-16 Christian Thaeter$$ metaoperator and ## repeat operator
2015-09-16 Christian Thaeterdoc and operator fixes
2015-09-15 Christian Thaeterv0.2, readd metamethods for index/newindex, cosmetics
2015-09-15 Christian Thaeterfix rockspec
2015-09-14 Christian Thaeteradd rockspec v0.1
2015-09-14 Christian Thaeterfix return
2015-09-14 Christian Thaeterinitial documentation
2015-09-14 Christian Thaetertype assertions on the interface
2015-09-14 Christian Thaeterevaluator cleanup
2015-09-14 Christian Thaeterimplement temporary variables
2015-09-14 Christian Thaeterremove interface metamethods
2015-09-14 Christian Thaetergitignore
2015-09-11 Christian Thaeterfix tests, including tests from upcoming documentation
2015-09-11 Christian Thaeteradd operators
2015-09-11 Christian ThaeterImmutable and internal variables, reverse = and :=...
2015-09-11 Christian Thaeteradd constants
2015-08-15 Christian Thaetersemi finalized interface
2015-07-29 Christian Thaeters/parse/tokenize/
2015-07-27 Christian Thaeterproper module
2015-07-27 Christian Thaeterinitial