2017-03-08 Christian Thaeterfew optimizations master
2017-03-07 Christian Thaeterfix multi inheritance
2017-03-06 Christian ThaeterAllow multiple inheritance objects defined at clone...
2017-03-06 Christian Thaetermore elaborate example in the test
2017-03-06 Christian Thaeterproto_pcall wraper
2017-03-06 Christian Thaeteradd proto_erase() for whiteout inherited members
2014-11-14 Christian Thaeteradd small testsuite
2014-11-14 Christian Thaeterprotect the metatable
2014-11-05 Christian Thaeteradd proto_isa()
2014-11-04 Christian ThaeterWIP: should be working
2014-07-06 Christian Thaeterv1