2008-03-20 Christian Thaeteruse more conformant encoding for linebreaks, add a... master
2008-03-19 Christian ThaeterAdd a encoder to covert html to unix style lineendings
2008-02-10 Christian Thaeternew parse_urlencoded implementation
2008-02-10 Christian ThaeterFix array length calculation paren typo
2008-01-29 Christian Thaeteradd support for different printing functions for html_f...
2008-01-29 Christian Thaeterlet the urlencoders return char* instead const char*
2008-01-29 Christian Thaeteradd host_name to the cgi request structure
2008-01-28 Christian Thaeterreplace print_urlencoeded with the same, sane way as...
2008-01-28 Christian Thaeterset cgi->request_method temporary to "COOKIE" while...
2008-01-27 Christian ThaeterFix: forgot to terminate encoded strings, missing end...
2008-01-26 Christian Thaeteradd encoding functions for url encoding/decoding
2008-01-26 Christian Thaeterexport parse_namevalue() declaration
2008-01-26 Christian ThaeterAdd cookie parsing to request handling
2008-01-26 Christian Thaeteradd a parsing function for cookie parsing
2008-01-26 Christian Thaeteradd recycling temporary buffers
2008-01-23 Christian Thaeteradd user_agent and user_addr fields to struct cgi
2008-01-20 Christian Thaeteradd html_include_escaped
2008-01-08 Christian ThaeterFIX: quote escaping was wrong
2008-01-08 Christian ThaeterBinary blob nodes for low level raw data
2008-01-02 Christian Thaeterchange most strdup functions to strndup variants
2007-12-26 Christian Thaeteradd a html_fmt_vargs variant
2007-12-25 Christian Thaeterreplace cwa_strdup with cwa_strndup takeing always...
2007-12-25 Christian ThaeterFix: iteration in append_tail_vargs dereferenced null...
2007-12-22 Christian ThaeterFix inserting lists in envs
2007-12-21 Christian Thaeterrefactor str_replace and tail_replace, remove swap
2007-12-21 Christian Thaetermake html_list_free() more generic and rename it to...
2007-12-20 Christian ThaeterAdd a new LIST node-type
2007-12-16 Christian Thaeteruse '127' as tag value for magic string/html detection...
2007-12-16 Christian Thaetercwa_strdup(NULL) returns a copy of an empty string
2007-12-16 Christian Thaeteradd cgi_destroy as NOP fro now
2007-12-11 Christian Thaeteroutput cosmetics
2007-12-11 Christian Thaeteradd 'html_strdup_raw()'
2007-12-09 Christian ThaeterFix: find, bug in recursion
2007-12-09 Christian Thaeterstring find and replace functions
2007-12-07 Christian Thaetercosmetic: html_new() initializes tail to NULL
2007-12-07 Christian Thaetermake cwa_strdup() more graceful
2007-12-07 Christian Thaeterliteral strings are 'raw' strings, not html-encoded
2007-12-07 Christian Thaeterrenamed 'html_env()' to 'html()'
2007-12-07 Christian ThaeterFix: close tag creation
2007-12-06 Christian ThaeterIntroduce Htmlv and magic string constructors
2007-12-05 Christian Thaeterchange tag handling in envs with dedicatedv print functions
2007-12-04 Christian Thaeternicer error string
2007-12-04 Christian ThaeterFix: pass length 0 for empty values in url parser
2007-12-04 Christian ThaeterFix: QUERY_STRING handling
2007-12-04 Christian ThaeterFix: set printfn in html_head_replace
2007-12-04 Christian Thaetererror() will clash with some libgit function, rename...
2007-12-04 Christian Thaeterfix: request.h was never used
2007-12-04 Christian ThaeterWe got real error handling now!
2007-12-04 Christian Thaeterrenamed the sourcedir to 'libcwa' and add error handling
2007-12-04 Christian Thaeteradd CRLF at end of document
2007-12-04 Christian Thaetermade parameters to meta and link_rel tags a node
2007-12-03 Christian Thaeterrenamed 'cgi_parse_query' to 'cgi_run_query' which...
2007-12-03 Christian Thaeterhtml_last_get traverses to the tail of a Html node
2007-12-03 Christian Thaeterchange the insert/append functions to a more verbose...
2007-12-03 Christian Thaeterfile including in html
2007-12-03 Christian Thaeterinclude stdarg.h from html.h
2007-12-03 Christian Thaeterheavy cosmetics
2007-12-03 Christian Thaetersupport for http headers
2007-12-03 Christian Thaetermore argumentlist handling cleanup
2007-12-03 Christian Thaeterargumentlist refactoring, 'variable' bites the dust...
2007-12-02 Christian Thaetermake package installable, add common header
2007-12-01 Christian Thaeterremove test code, read POST data from stdin
2007-12-01 Christian Thaeterautomakeified
2007-12-01 Christian ThaeterC89'fied and prepared for library building
2007-12-01 Christian Thaetercgi request handler and parsing
2007-11-30 Christian Thaetercleanup html things
2007-11-27 Christian Thaetersimplified html_str variants
2007-11-27 Christian Thaeterhtml_fmt creates formatted strings
2007-11-27 Christian Thaetergenesis of a cgitoolbox