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last changeThu, 25 Sep 2014 22:01:48 +0000 (00:01 +0200)
2014-09-25 Christian Thaeterremove name from program master
2014-09-19 Christian ThaeterMove temperature profiles to Dino.h, add custom profiles
2014-06-07 Christian ThaeterAdd Fan Controller
2014-06-05 Christian Thaetersmall improvements
2014-03-24 Christian Thaeterkeep fan on for cooling in all states when above temp_min
2014-03-24 Christian Thaetermake it simpler
2014-03-24 Christian Thaetersmall fixes,
2014-03-02 Christian ThaeterOooops
2014-03-02 Christian Thaetercosmetic
2014-03-02 Christian ThaeterUpdated Readme
2014-03-02 Christian Thaeterbackspace for cli finally!!
2014-03-02 Christian Thaetersplit config in global/profiles
2014-03-01 Christian Thaetercleanup and few more profiles
2014-03-01 Christian ThaeterSupport for rotary encoder and loading profiles, loadin...
2014-02-28 Christian Thaetersmall fixes
2014-02-28 Christian Thaeterready for v0.1
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