2014-09-25 Christian Thaeterremove name from program master
2014-09-19 Christian ThaeterMove temperature profiles to Dino.h, add custom profiles
2014-06-07 Christian ThaeterAdd Fan Controller
2014-06-05 Christian Thaetersmall improvements
2014-03-24 Christian Thaeterkeep fan on for cooling in all states when above temp_min
2014-03-24 Christian Thaetermake it simpler
2014-03-24 Christian Thaetersmall fixes,
2014-03-02 Christian ThaeterOooops
2014-03-02 Christian Thaetercosmetic
2014-03-02 Christian ThaeterUpdated Readme
2014-03-02 Christian Thaeterbackspace for cli finally!!
2014-03-02 Christian Thaetersplit config in global/profiles
2014-03-01 Christian Thaetercleanup and few more profiles
2014-03-01 Christian ThaeterSupport for rotary encoder and loading profiles, loadin...
2014-02-28 Christian Thaetersmall fixes
2014-02-28 Christian Thaeterready for v0.1
2014-02-28 Christian Thaeterlets loadconf/saveconf report errors gracefully
2014-02-28 Christian Thaeteradd test profile
2014-02-28 Christian Thaeteradapt L term only on heating/holding states
2014-02-28 Christian Thaeterhave multiple configurations loadconf/saveconf (n)...
2014-02-27 Christian Thaetera new try for a autoadapting linear feed-forward L...
2014-02-27 Christian Thaetersome cleanup/ serial flushes
2014-02-27 Christian Thaeterfix eeprom checksum
2014-02-27 Christian Thaeterstore temperature profiles as strings in flash
2014-02-26 Christian Thaeterchange config vars to 'long'
2014-02-26 Christian Thaetermultipy windup limits by 100 again
2014-02-26 Christian Thaeterprofiles update
2014-02-26 Christian Thaeteradd d and h suffixes for editing hold times
2014-02-26 Christian ThaeterSwitch fan off on ERROR and FINISHED states
2014-02-26 Christian Thaeternew controller scales
2014-02-26 Christian Thaeterconf update
2014-02-26 Christian Thaetertune_heater command
2014-02-26 Christian Thaeternew Heater code for SSRs
2014-02-24 Christian Thaeterbiggier scale for I min/max settings
2014-02-24 Christian Thaeterstack 2 PI controllers, one for the heater and one...
2014-02-24 Christian Thaeterchange relay activation order
2014-02-24 Christian Thaeterrelais test command
2014-02-23 Christian Thaeterprogram controller cleanup
2014-02-23 Christian Thaeterremove Idiv from PI, add feed forward linear factor
2014-02-23 Christian Thaeterbetter csum on config
2014-02-23 Christian Thaetertimers cleanup
2014-02-23 Christian Thaetercli cleanup
2014-02-23 Christian Thaetersaveconf
2014-02-23 Christian Thaetertemp_gradient and switch state
2014-02-23 Christian Thaeterinitial sensor readout, averaging
2014-02-23 Christian Thaetersafety_off/heater_off split
2014-02-23 Christian Thaeterconfig cleanup
2014-02-02 Christian Thaeterdrop metro
2014-02-02 Christian Thaeterfix states for list and edit
2014-02-02 Christian Thaeterremove unused wdt
2014-02-02 Christian Thaeterstore temperatures as long, do all calculation in long
2014-02-02 Christian Thaeteradd delays after switching relais
2014-02-01 Christian Thaeterlast bits for first working release
2014-02-01 Christian Thaeterfix cooling control
2014-02-01 Christian Thaeterprogram listing, loading and editing
2014-02-01 Christian Thaeteradd button controller to cli for start/stop events
2014-02-01 Christian Thaetermove control loop inside running state, clear integral...
2014-02-01 Christian Thaeterwip
2013-11-22 Christian Thaeterprogmem stringarray generator
2013-11-19 Christian Thaeterpredefined heater programs fixes/formatting
2013-11-19 Christian ThaeterState fixes
2013-11-19 Christian ThaeterLED sequencer
2013-11-19 Christian ThaeterHeater Controller
2013-11-19 Christian ThaeterPI controller
2013-11-19 Christian ThaeterSensor readout
2013-11-19 Christian Thaetermain loop and programm controller
2013-11-19 Christian Thaeterconfvars
2013-11-19 Christian Thaeterfix renaming artifacts
2013-11-03 Christian Thaeteradd EEPROMEx to ARGUINO_LIBS
2013-11-03 Christian ThaeterSimplified Metro with default args
2013-11-03 Christian Thaeterrenamed DinoHeat to Dino
2013-10-30 Christian Thaeteradd fixed EEPROMEx
2013-10-30 Christian Thaeterinitial sketch
2013-10-30 Christian ThaeterMakefile
2013-10-30 Christian Thaeteradd OneWire
2013-10-30 Christian Thaeteradd Metro
2013-10-30 Christian ThaeterProject setup