2008-04-16 Christian Thaeteradd nelements method and few small fixes master
2008-03-27 Christian Thaeterconst correction, gives some speed improvement when...
2008-03-25 Christian Thaeteranother small optimization
2008-03-25 Christian ThaeterSome optimizations
2008-03-25 Christian Thaeterreenable compacting
2008-03-25 Christian Thaeternew API, pass only a item pointer instead key/value... single_item
2008-03-01 Christian ThaeterRemove autocompact control from 'cuckoo_reserve()'
2008-02-28 Christian Thaeterchange startsize to take 2's exponent instead direct...
2008-02-27 Christian ThaeterAdded programmers documentation
2008-02-27 Christian Thaetersmall fixes and cleanup
2008-02-27 Christian Thaetermove keys inside the hash, instead using references
2008-02-27 Christian ThaeterCuckoo hashing implementation