descriptionsimav's bugfixes and changes on cinelerra, based on ct's work
last changeWed, 29 Aug 2007 21:06:20 +0000 (21:06 +0000)
2007-08-29 Johannes Sixtr1019: Fix crash in Ogg file handling. master
2007-08-22 Kevin Brosiusr1018: Fix a build problem on 64bit. Thanks to Ichthyo...
2007-07-28 Johannes Sixtr1017: Fix curved masks boundaries if start and end...
2007-07-27 Johannes Sixtr1016: Use the OpenGL mask renderer and fix it.
2007-07-18 Johannes Sixtr1015: Add a shortcut 'e' that toggles between selectio...
2007-07-18 Johannes Sixtr1014: Enable horizontal scrolling with the mouse wheel...
2007-07-17 Johannes Sixtr1013: Select the entire clip title when a clip is...
2007-07-10 Johannes Sixtr1012: Add a new video plugin for rerouting channels...
2007-06-20 Johannes Sixtr1011: Fix closing XML tags for the labels and for...
2007-06-15 Johannes Sixtr1010: Save mask point coordinates using %g instead...
2007-05-10 Andraz Torir1009: Move the dependencies to newer package names
2007-04-06 Rafael Dinizr1008: pt_BR translation update
2007-03-31 Johannes Sixtr1007: Make configure detect and work on amd64.
2007-03-05 Johannes Sixtr1006: configure: Use libx264_pic instead of libx264...
2007-03-03 Kevin Brosiusr1005: Increase the number of displayed digits for...
2007-02-25 Andraz Torir1004: Fix
unknown start_again
unknown rel_116_over_115
unknown r1_2_2-last
unknown r1_2_1-last
unknown r1_1_9-last
unknown r1_1_7-last
unknown r1_1_7-Debian-Sid-x86_BUILDS-OK_1
unknown pre_HEAD-TEST_merge
unknown hv_2_0
unknown hv_1_2_2
unknown hv_1_2_1
unknown hv_1_2_0
unknown hv_1_1_9
unknown hv_1_1_8
unknown ffmpeg_D20050727UTC
unknown EndOf-1_1_6
12 years ago simav
13 years ago master
13 years ago ct
15 years ago automake-1_1_6
15 years ago automake-1_1_5
15 years ago ffmpeg
16 years ago r1_1_7-TEST-patches1