r1019: Fix crash in Ogg file handling.
[cinelerra/simeon] / po /
2007-04-06 Rafael Dinizr1008: pt_BR translation update
2007-02-17 Rafael Dinizr999: maintainers added to README_en.
2007-02-10 Andraz Torir996: add renderprofiles.C to POTFILES.in
2007-01-05 Rafael Dinizr977: fileyuv.C added to POTFILES.in and updated pt_BR...
2006-12-23 Rafael Dinizr966: Updated pt_BR translation, by rafael2k
2006-12-19 Pierre Dumuidr965: German translation update by Jens Seidel
2006-12-19 Pierre Dumuidr964: Updated source references using "make update-po"
2006-12-18 Pierre Dumuidr963: Updated POTFILES.in and French translation by...
2006-12-01 Pierre Dumuidr961: Updated pt_br translation by rafae2k
2006-09-12 Johannes Sixtr881: Reduce svn status output by setting the svn:ignor...
2006-09-06 Johannes Sixtr868: Merge 2.1:
2006-08-16 Johannes Sixtr840: Fix missing instances of renaming to chromakeyhsv...
2006-06-07 Andraz Torir829: Add missing translation files...
2006-06-07 Andraz Torir828: New translation by Jean-Luc
2006-05-31 Andraz Torir808: fix email address as per Jean-Luc
2006-02-20 Pierre Dumuidr746: more pt_BR fixes by Rafael Diniz (rafael at riseu...
2006-02-04 Gustavo Iniguezr735: Added the Basque translation and updated the...
2006-02-02 Gustavo Iniguezr731:
2006-01-31 Andraz Torir730: Added italian translation
2005-12-16 Johannes Sixtr706: French translation update by Jean-Luc Coulon.
2005-12-16 Johannes Sixtr705: More gettextizations (mostly plugins) by Jean...
2005-11-30 Pierre Dumuidr699: Brazillian Language File update from rafael@riseu...
2005-11-28 Pierre Dumuidr698: Brazillian Language File update from rafael@riseu...
2005-11-23 Johannes Sixtr696: Updated French translation (by Jean-Luc Coulon).
2005-11-18 Johannes Sixtr691: Check new source files for translated strings.
2005-09-02 Andraz Torir644: ... fix
2005-09-01 Andraz Torir641: Add pt_BR language
2005-06-08 Andraz Torir597: French translation update by Jean-luc
2004-12-24 Andraz Torir474: Fix for bug 130
2004-09-06 Camille Harangr410: adding fr
2004-08-10 Johannes Sixtr358: Defined mkinstalldirs explicitly as mkdir -p...
2004-06-22 Andraz Torir324: some translation fixes
2004-06-22 Andraz Torir321: some translation updates
2004-06-18 Johannes Sixtr318: Added a missing double-quote.
2004-06-17 Andraz Torir315: some more
2004-06-17 Andraz Torir314: more fixes to translation
2004-06-16 Andraz Torir313: Updated slovenian translation
2004-06-06 Andraz Torir307: new spanish translation by ga_
2004-06-03 Johannes Sixtr299: Worked around missing mkinstalldirs.
2004-04-24 Kevin Brosiusr258: Initial file additions for the RPM/build update...
2004-03-28 Herman Robakr236: Norwegian bokmaal translation, only half finished!
2004-01-18 Johannes Sixtr178: Added missing gettextize-installed file.
2004-01-14 Herman Robakr171: Almost complete French translation supplied by...
2003-12-21 Andraz Torir151: Updated linguas file, so it includes es language
2003-12-19 Herman Robakr149: Spanish translation by Gustavo IƱiguez.
2003-12-14 Herman Robakr140: .mo files don't belong in CVS. Removed de.mo...
2003-12-05 Johannes Sixtr137: Merged Heroine Virtual's release 1.1.8.
2003-12-05 Johannes Sixtr132: Initial revision
2003-11-10 Herman Robakr123: Merged HEAD and TEST. New stuff shall be committ...
2003-10-19 Herman Robakr93: Set MSGID_BUGS_ADDRESS = <cinelerra@skolelinux.no>
2003-10-19 Herman Robakr92: de (German) added.
2003-10-18 Herman Robakr86: Commited Jens Seidel's draft German translation.
2003-10-12 Andraz Torir73: updated sl.po
2003-10-12 Andraz Torir72: updated sl.po
2003-10-12 Andraz Torir71: Updated sl.po and one marked one more string in...
2003-10-12 Andraz Torir70: updated po & fixed previously added bug
2003-10-12 Andraz Torir69: 5th gettext patch
2003-10-12 Andraz Torir66: Fourth internationalization patch
2003-10-11 Andraz Torir60: Added gettextization