r1019: Fix crash in Ogg file handling.
[cinelerra/simeon] / po / sl.po
2004-06-22 Andraz Torir324: some translation fixes
2004-06-22 Andraz Torir321: some translation updates
2004-06-18 Johannes Sixtr318: Added a missing double-quote.
2004-06-17 Andraz Torir315: some more
2004-06-17 Andraz Torir314: more fixes to translation
2004-06-16 Andraz Torir313: Updated slovenian translation
2003-12-05 Johannes Sixtr137: Merged Heroine Virtual's release 1.1.8.
2003-11-10 Herman Robakr123: Merged HEAD and TEST. New stuff shall be committ...
2003-10-12 Andraz Torir73: updated sl.po
2003-10-12 Andraz Torir72: updated sl.po
2003-10-12 Andraz Torir71: Updated sl.po and one marked one more string in...
2003-10-12 Andraz Torir70: updated po & fixed previously added bug
2003-10-12 Andraz Torir66: Fourth internationalization patch
2003-10-11 Andraz Torir60: Added gettextization