r1019: Fix crash in Ogg file handling.
[cinelerra/simeon] / debian /
2007-05-10 Andraz Torir1009: Move the dependencies to newer package names
2006-10-12 Andraz Torir913: Change version number so it starts with one ...
2006-10-12 Andraz Torir912: Update
2006-10-12 Andraz Torir911: some more cleaning up of dependencies
2006-10-12 Andraz Torir910: update control file to have more accurate depende...
2006-09-12 Johannes Sixtr880: Note new Debian packages by Gustavo in the changelog.
2006-06-06 Andraz Torir826: Drop libavcodec2-dev ... since it does not exist
2006-06-04 Andraz Torir822: maybe not depend on xorg-dev
2006-06-04 Andraz Torir821: add fftw3 dependency...
2006-06-04 Andraz Torir820: Move from x-devb to xorg-dev
2006-06-03 Andraz Torir818: exclude svn files from tarballs
2006-05-21 Andraz Torir799: Bump freetype dependency to 2.2.1
2006-04-09 Andraz Torir776: Better menu line...
2006-03-30 Andraz Torir766: Add automake1.9 as an option beside 1.8
2006-03-30 Andraz Torir764: fixes by jure... make it buildable under sid
2006-03-26 Andraz Torir760: Patch suggested by Jure Cuhalev for easier buildi...
2006-01-08 Andraz Torir720:
2005-11-01 Andraz Torir684: Remove libsndfilehv.install
2005-11-01 Andraz Torir683: remove libsndfile
2005-11-01 Andraz Torir682: New dependencies ...
2005-11-01 Andraz Torir681: New dependencies in 2.0
2005-11-01 Andraz Torir680: No more mplexhi
2005-09-01 Andraz Torir643: Add fftw3-dev to debian dependencies
2005-08-25 Andraz Torir637: fix control file,
2005-08-23 Andraz Torir632: Boost up the requirement for mjpegtools to 1.6.3
2005-08-20 Andraz Torir621: Moved from libavcodec-dev to libavcodec2-dev...
2005-08-10 Riccardo Settir611:
2005-07-30 Andraz Torir609: Make it compile with xorg
2005-06-07 Andraz Torir596: Make cinelerra deb package depend upon the same...
2005-05-12 Andraz Torir582: removed double reference to libopenexr-dev
2005-05-08 Andraz Torir565: better dependencies
2005-05-08 Andraz Torir564: add new dependancies to libogg and libtheora
2005-03-26 Andraz Torir530: add more optimizations by default
2005-03-15 Andraz Torir519: changed dependancy to libavcodec-dev from libavco...
2005-02-08 Andraz Torir511: update for 1.2.2
2004-11-24 Camille Harangr462: replace duild-dep obsolete "libxvidencore0 and...
2004-09-30 Andraz Torir422: Updated control file
2004-09-02 Camille Harangr400: Arch checking and target arch flags (PowerPC...
2004-08-18 Andraz Torir379: Add dependancy to libexr and update version to...
2004-08-14 Andraz Torir364: remove runing bootstrap
2004-08-14 Andraz Torir362: update libdv dependency to libdv4 0.103
2004-08-11 Herman Robakr360: Changed defaulttheme's name to "blond", and added...
2004-06-01 Andraz Torir291: update to 1.2.0
2004-06-01 Andraz Torir290: added dependancy to Faad2
2004-03-15 Andraz Torir217: Removed unnecessary lib
2004-03-13 Andraz Torir204: Add desktop menu entries for KDE and GNOME
2004-03-08 Andraz Torir202: updated to 1.1.9
2004-01-28 Andraz Torir189: added mpeg3toc to install
2004-01-16 Andraz Torir176: Last fix, i hope so :)
2004-01-16 Andraz Torir174: Fix libmpeg3 renaming
2004-01-16 Andraz Torir173: Fix quicktime control files for debian to new...
2004-01-06 Andraz Torir164: added libxvidcore-dev dependency
2003-12-21 Andraz Torir155: more sane default rules
2003-12-21 Andraz Torir154: update
2003-12-19 Andraz Torir150: added bootstrapping of cinelerra binary
2003-12-18 Andraz Torir145: dded libsndfilehv libraray
2003-12-18 Andraz Torir144: dded custom cinelerras' libsndfile
2003-12-17 Andraz Torir143: fixed the changelog format
2003-12-17 Andraz Torir142: updated rules for debian
2003-12-17 Herman Robakr141: The 1.1.8 was merged into CVS
2003-10-19 Herman Robakr98: Applied Jens Seidel's patch.
2003-10-16 Andraz Torir85: Updated maintainer to poin to the mailing list
2003-10-12 Andraz Torir64: *** empty log message ***
2003-10-11 Andraz Torir62: gettextization
2003-10-11 Andraz Torir59: Removed obsolete patches
2003-10-11 Andraz Torir58: Debian build package
2003-08-09 Andraz Torir34: new speedups
2003-08-08 Andraz Torir33: Libsndfile0 -> 1 dependency...
2003-08-04 Andraz Torir32: Updated libfreetype dependencie to 2.1.4
2003-08-01 Andraz Torir31: Added Sixt's patch for multihead and updated changelog
2003-07-17 Andraz Torir25: *** empty log message ***
2003-06-26 Andraz Torir20: Applied patch to prevent crushing on reframe plugin
2003-06-26 Andraz Torir19: Applied new title -stroker patch
2003-06-25 Andraz Torir18: changelog update
2003-06-19 Andraz Torir14: updated changelog
2003-06-18 Sylvain Joyeuxr13: Added smp2 in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS
2003-06-16 Andraz Torir12: Fixed rules file so now cinelerra is buildable...
2003-06-16 Herman Robakr9: This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-06-16 Herman Robakr2: Initial revision