r1019: Fix crash in Ogg file handling.
[cinelerra/simeon] / Makefile.am
2006-09-20 Johannes Sixtr891: Do not include .svn directories in 'make dist'.
2005-09-28 Johannes Sixtr665: Merged the official release 2.0.
2005-06-11 Andraz Torir600: add image and menu entry, patch by giskard
2004-06-18 Johannes Sixtr319: Moved the files from the codegen directory into...
2004-06-15 Kevin Brosiusr312: Update for RPM builds off 1.2.0 from cvs. Remove...
2004-04-24 Kevin Brosiusr258: Initial file additions for the RPM/build update...
2004-01-18 Johannes Sixtr178: Added missing gettextize-installed file.
2003-12-05 Johannes Sixtr137: Merged Heroine Virtual's release 1.1.8.
2003-11-10 Herman Robakr123: Merged HEAD and TEST. New stuff shall be committ...
2003-10-11 Andraz Torir60: Added gettextization
2003-10-04 Herman Robakr48: This file was removed in 1.1.7
2003-06-16 Herman Robakr2: Initial revision