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last changeSat, 4 Aug 2007 15:29:21 +0000 (16:29 +0100)
2007-08-04 mark carterFixed initialisation of tf in file_open(). Without... avc-icons master mcarter yourbranchname origin/HEAD origin/avc-icons origin/master origin/mcarter
2007-06-10 marquituxmy first commit, i only added the file TEST to see...
2007-05-10 Andraz Torir1009: Move the dependencies to newer package names
2007-04-06 Rafael Dinizr1008: pt_BR translation update
2007-03-31 Johannes Sixtr1007: Make configure detect and work on amd64.
2007-03-05 Johannes Sixtr1006: configure: Use libx264_pic instead of libx264...
2007-03-03 Kevin Brosiusr1005: Increase the number of displayed digits for...
2007-02-25 Andraz Torir1004: Fix
2007-02-22 Pierre Dumuidr1003: BlueDot theme is usable again thanks to Miha...
2007-02-18 Andraz Torir1002: Fix description of the preference
2007-02-18 Andraz Torir1001: Oneliner to fix proper setting of mp3 bitrate
2007-02-18 Andraz Torir1000: zero length allocation in stsz.c detected by...
2007-02-17 Rafael Dinizr999: maintainers added to README_en.
2007-02-11 Andraz Torir998: Enable keyboard navigation in composer and viewer...
2007-02-10 Andraz Torir997: Two fixes for pluggin dragging
2007-02-10 Andraz Torir996: add renderprofiles.C to
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13 years ago xmlfix-HIV-09052007 Cinelerra uses hand-written XML...
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