descriptionIchthyostega's Cinelerra-GIT: public mirror of private repo
ownerHermann Vosseler
last changeThu, 3 May 2007 23:55:55 +0000 (01:55 +0200)
2007-05-03 Christian ThaeterMerge commit 'svn/origin' into ct cehteh master Start-HIV-Version
2007-05-03 Christian ThaeterMerge commit 'automake_nonsubdir' into devel
2007-05-03 Christian Thaeterreenable building internal ffmpeg
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterversioninfo.h is a BUILT_SOURCE not a _DEPENDENCY
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterincluded image and m4 dirs
2007-04-20 Christian Thaetertransformed guicast to include
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterplugins depending on libaffine
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterfactored libaffine out of motion
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeteradd chromakeyhsv, fonts, freeverb
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterfixing variable names in HD downscalers
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterplugins with simple fixes
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterfixed libcolors and libeffecttv
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterenabled all plugins which compile cleanly
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterthemes from SUBDIR to incuded's
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterturn cinelerra, libmpeg3, mplexlo and quicktime from...
2007-04-20 Christian ThaeterRevert 32b80d832b80d8... new cache manager first part...
13 years ago xmlfix-HIV-09052007 Cinelerra uses hand-written XML...
13 years ago Bezier-HIV-1007 Bézier patch by Ichthyostega, based...
13 years ago Start-HIV-Version Start of Ichthyostega's Cinelerra...
13 years ago bezier_hiv_step7
13 years ago bezier_hiv_step6
13 years ago bezier_hiv_step5
13 years ago bezier_hiv_step4
13 years ago bezier_hiv_step3
13 years ago bezier_hiv_step2
13 years ago bezier_hiv_step1
13 years ago bezier_end_decompose reached the level of pristine tree.
13 years ago bezier_start_decompose started decomposing my patch into...
13 years ago buildsys
13 years ago plugin-reroute
13 years ago xml-cleanup
13 years ago bezier_hiv
13 years ago bezier_hiv_st4
13 years ago bezier_hiv_st5
13 years ago master
13 years ago cehteh
13 years ago origin
13 years ago bezier_hiv_st7
13 years ago bezier_hiv_st6
13 years ago bezier_hiv_st3
13 years ago bezier_hiv_st2
13 years ago bezier_decompose
unknown xml-cleanup-ichthyo