2007-05-03 Christian ThaeterMerge commit 'svn/origin' into ct cehteh master Start-HIV-Version
2007-05-03 Christian ThaeterMerge commit 'automake_nonsubdir' into devel
2007-05-03 Christian Thaeterreenable building internal ffmpeg
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterversioninfo.h is a BUILT_SOURCE not a _DEPENDENCY
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterincluded image and m4 dirs
2007-04-20 Christian Thaetertransformed guicast to include
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterplugins depending on libaffine
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterfactored libaffine out of motion
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeteradd chromakeyhsv, fonts, freeverb
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterfixing variable names in HD downscalers
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterplugins with simple fixes
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterfixed libcolors and libeffecttv
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterenabled all plugins which compile cleanly
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterthemes from SUBDIR to incuded's
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterturn cinelerra, libmpeg3, mplexlo and quicktime from...
2007-04-20 Christian ThaeterRevert 32b80d832b80d8... new cache manager first part...
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterversioninfo.h is a BUILT_SOURCE not a _DEPENDENCY
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterincluded image and m4 dirs
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterfix bootstrap for flattened guicast
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterincluded guicast, see following commit
2007-04-20 Christian Thaeterremaining effects, radialblur, rotate
2007-04-19 Christian Thaeterperspective effect
2007-04-19 Christian Thaeterforgot $(top_builddir)
2007-04-19 Christian Thaetermotion effect
2007-04-19 Christian Thaeterfactored libaffine out of motion
2007-04-19 Christian Thaeterfixed fonts
2007-04-19 Christian Thaeterchromakeyhsv and freeverb
2007-04-19 Christian ThaeterHD downscalers, make variables beginning with numbers...
2007-04-19 Christian Thaeterremaining plugins with simple fixes
2007-04-19 Christian Thaeterfix plugins using libcolors
2007-04-19 Christian Thaeterfix the s/tt/t/ bug
2007-04-19 Christian Thaeteraging effect
2007-04-19 Christian Thaeterlibcolors and libeffecttv, accidentally replace...
2007-04-19 Christian Thaeterenabled all plugins which compile cleanly on a first try
2007-04-19 Christian Thaeterdisable that noone runs it again by accident
2007-04-19 Christian Thaeterran the admin/ script
2007-04-19 Christian Thaeteradd the srcdir var
2007-04-19 Christian Thaeterconversion helper script for transform
2007-04-09 Christian Thaeteradd semantic cache to gitignore
2007-04-09 Christian Thaeterdefaulttheme
2007-04-06 Rafael Dinizr1008: pt_BR translation update origin
2007-04-03 Christian Thaeterbluedottheme
2007-04-03 Christian Thaeterstart plugins transformation, SUV theme
2007-04-03 Christian Thaeterrename libimagedata to libcinelerradata
2007-04-03 Christian Thaetermplexlo done
2007-04-03 Christian Thaeterand now cinelerra itself, versioninfo.h will be hard...
2007-04-03 Christian Thaeterquicktime bites the dust, so far only with --with-exter...
2007-04-03 Christian Thaeterinclude libmpeg3 in flat Makefile
2007-04-02 Christian ThaeterRevert 32b80d832b80d8... new cache manager first part...
2007-04-02 Christian ThaeterMerge commit 'svn/origin' into devel
2007-03-31 Johannes Sixtr1007: Make configure detect and work on amd64.
2007-03-11 Christian Thaeterignore doxygen generated docs, refine doxygen config
2007-03-10 Christian Thaeterconfig file for doxygen
2007-03-10 Christian Thaeterfixed missing autoheader templates for NoBug
2007-03-09 Christian Thaeterlicense header formatting change
2007-03-09 Christian Thaeterlicense header for review
2007-03-09 Christian Thaeternew cache manager first part, incomplete
2007-03-09 Christian Thaeteradded myself to the authors lists
2007-03-09 Christian Thaeterconfigure update to handle NoBug build levels and a...
2007-03-08 Christian Thaeterforgotten to turn .inc into a include pattern
2007-03-08 Christian Thaeterlow pri planned fixes
2007-03-08 Christian Thaeteremacs vars for .inc files
2007-03-08 Christian Thaeteradd formatting trailer for emacs
2007-03-08 Christian Thaeteradd some notes about important bugs
2007-03-07 Christian Thaeteradd NoBug, see
2007-03-07 Christian ThaeterSome notes whats going on in the ct branch, second try
2007-03-07 Christian ThaeterSome notes whats going on in the ct branch
2007-03-07 Christian ThaeterNew GC for Assets
2007-03-07 Christian Thaetersome more ignore patterns
2007-03-07 Christian Thaeterebrowse helper script using the git inventory
2007-03-07 Christian Thaeterbackslashified to make ebrowse happy
2007-03-05 Johannes Sixtr1006: configure: Use libx264_pic instead of libx264...
2007-03-03 Kevin Brosiusr1005: Increase the number of displayed digits for...
2007-02-25 Andraz Torir1004: Fix
2007-02-22 Pierre Dumuidr1003: BlueDot theme is usable again thanks to Miha...
2007-02-18 Andraz Torir1002: Fix description of the preference
2007-02-18 Andraz Torir1001: Oneliner to fix proper setting of mp3 bitrate
2007-02-18 Andraz Torir1000: zero length allocation in stsz.c detected by...
2007-02-17 Rafael Dinizr999: maintainers added to README_en.
2007-02-11 Andraz Torir998: Enable keyboard navigation in composer and viewer...
2007-02-10 Andraz Torir997: Two fixes for pluggin dragging
2007-02-10 Andraz Torir996: add renderprofiles.C to
2007-02-10 Andraz Torir995: add proper gettext headers to exportedl.C
2007-02-10 Andraz Torir994: Fix unbounded edits - bug 375
2007-02-10 Andraz Torir993: Fix wrong transitions being used - bug 398
2007-02-09 Andraz Torir992: Fix three small leaks discovered by valgrind
2007-02-09 Andraz Torir991: Add support for msmpeg42 in .avi (a.k.a. div3v2)
2007-02-09 Andraz Torir990: Add interpolation for reframert effect
2007-02-09 Andraz Torir989: Add render profiles to render dialog
2007-02-09 Andraz Torir988: Fix a leak when reopening mpeg TOC files, overwri...
2007-02-04 Johannes Sixtr987: Fix incomplete UI updates and re-rendering after...
2007-01-29 Johannes Sixtr986: Disable MMX on x86_64 again - it does not compile.
2007-01-23 Johannes Sixtr985: Fill in the AUTHORS file with useful information.
2007-01-22 Kevin Brosiusr984: Enable GLOBAL_PLUGIN_DIR as requested by Markus...
2007-01-21 Johannes Sixtr983: Reorder CPU configure checks, fix and clean up...
2007-01-20 Kevin Brosiusr982: Update spec file for SUSE builds. Includes contr...
2007-01-19 Kevin Brosiusr981: Expand Pierre's version stamping for use in ...
2007-01-11 Nicolas Maufraisr980: Add the Cinelerra-CV manual sources.
2007-01-10 Johannes Sixtr979: Change ffmpeg.h to use correct avcodec.h header...
2007-01-08 Johannes Sixtr978: Recognize HDV files that have a .m2t file extension.