descriptionUnnamed repository; edit this file to name it for gitweb.
ownerChristian Thaeter
last changeFri, 14 Dec 2007 17:01:45 +0000 (18:01 +0100)
2007-12-14 Christian Thaeteradd libcwa submodule libcwa
2007-12-14 Christian ThaeterCoverted most of the sidebar menu to libcwa
2007-12-12 Christian ThaeterMerge commit 'origin/master' into libcwa
2007-12-12 Christian Thaeterlet REQUEST_METHOD default to GET
2007-12-12 Christian Thaetertags in summary
2007-12-12 Christian Thaetercrude time-stats report
2007-12-11 Christian Thaetertest config file update, enable more features
2007-12-11 Christian Thaetersome small mixed fixes
2007-12-11 Christian ThaeterWIP: Huge libcwa'fication
2007-12-11 Christian Thaeterremove some 'cgit_docend()' calls
2007-12-11 Christian ThaeterFIX: cmdline arg handling
2007-12-11 Christian Thaeterpagetemplate roundup, put diagnostics at the end
2007-12-11 Christian Thaeterreworked cgit_log_link(), new repolink()
2007-12-11 Lars HjemliAdd plain patch view origin/HEAD origin/master
2007-12-09 Christian ThaeterWIP: cgit_log_link returning Html tree, should be simpl...
2007-12-07 Christian Thaeter'cgit_print_error()' conversion to libcwa
12 years ago v0.7.1 CGIT 0.7.1
12 years ago v0.7 CGIT 0.7
12 years ago v0.6.3 cgit v0.6.3
12 years ago v0.6.2 cgit v0.6.2
12 years ago v0.6.1 cgit v0.6.1
12 years ago v0.6 cgit v0.6
13 years ago v0.5 cgit v0.5
13 years ago v0.4 cgit v0.4
13 years ago v0.3 cgit v0.3
13 years ago v0.2 cgit v0.2
13 years ago larsh-public-key This is my public key.
13 years ago v0.1 cgit 0.1
12 years ago libcwa
12 years ago for_lars
12 years ago fixes
12 years ago master